Friday Favorites #29

Welcome to the first Friday Favorites Texas edition!  My outfit of the week consists of a try-on as I'm still unpacking my closet--UGH!   (If you could only see my world--well you can see a little bit of it in the photo, below!  I had packed most of our house, but left the kitchen and my bedroom for the
movers.  In the wardrobe boxes, in addition to hanging items, the bottom was packed with clothes, books, towels, whatever I had in my closet.  Now, those things are deep, so to get the items out of the bottom, I either had to up end the boxes or tip it over, slice the bottom open and pull the stuff out.  My goodness it's been a tiring job!)

(1) Outfit of the week.  If you remember my Sundance Catalog picks post, the Vintage Garden cardigan was a favorite.  It runs true to size, I'm wearing a large.  The velvet Briella Delight top was fun to try on.  I'm wearing an XL because there weren't any larges.  It also runs true to size.  I grabbed it "just because," but I really ended up liking it with the cardigan.

(2) Getting rid of things.  As I mentioned in a previous Friday Favorites post, my super power has been "getting rid of stuff".  Below is of the items that sold (a couple were giveaways) on Facebook Marketplace.  I was going to consign a few things, but with the prices they were going to ask, I decided to try selling them myself.  I was pretty much "okay" with letting everything go.  The sad things:  The top left coffee table I would have kept (didn't want to store and it's still available at Ethan Allen) and (not shown) my kitchen table, which I didn't get any interest on.  It's sad because we spent so much wonderful time there as a family.

I'm joining: 

(3)  Packing/Unpacking.  I thought I was getting rid of a lot of stuff, but the reality of downsizing this much necessitates getting rid of even more at this end.  (We also have a storage unit.)  This is one of those cases when a picture or two is worth a thousand words...  You can't really tell in the apartment photo, but there are two sofas, two chairs with ottomans, two coffee tables.  You get the idea.

Leaving a 4,700 sq. ft house.
Arriving at a 1,400 sq. ft apartment

We are temporarily sharing the apartment with two adult daughters--they're moving into their own apartment tomorrow!  (That's why we have two of everything--we'd furnished it for Darling Husband and are now giving those furnishing to our daughters.)

(4) Meeting people.  I've reach out to a Dallas blogger.  She's quite busy this month, so I'm crossing my fingers that a November meetup will work.  

I'm trying Bumble BFF.  There aren't a whole lot of middle aged women on there, but I've made contact with a couple--no meetups, yet.  

(5) Job hunting.  Yes, job hunting!  I need something to do to get me out of a small apartment and a way to meet people.  The first interview I set up, I cancelled because it was seasonal and it wasn't possible to take time off.  Another opportunity came up and that interview is on Monday.  Fingers crossed.  I'm really quite excited about it.  I've been looking at retail jobs for the social aspect, and easy-to-find part time positions.

Thank you for joining my craziness!  My next goal is to find my camera and start taking some fashion photos!  Baby steps--LOL!

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