Friday Favorites #31

Hello and welcome to Friday Favorites!  A day that we set aside and take a look at what sparked a particular interest this week.  So what are we waiting for?  Let's take a look!

1) Look of the Week.  What do you get when you mix cool weather and closet mish mash?  Sunday I wanted to dress a little warmer.  Initially, I pulled out a different dress, but that had a spot on it from some brunch, umm, months ago.  How did I let that slide?  Next, I saw the pink cabi Blush blouse.  I grabbed a different cardigan, but the proportions were off.  To the rescue, my cabi Bishop cardigan!  Mix in a few accessories and we're good to go.  (Looking at this photo, I don't love the scarf and booties together.  Oh, well.  Next time.)

2) Because space is at more of a premium in the apartment, I had put this in the Amazon cart with the intention of thinking about it.  The holder will withstand the heat of your hair appliances, so after you're done using your straightener/curling iron, it can go right in.  Darling Husband placed an order from Amazon and since this Hot Styling Tool Storage Holder was already in the cart, he ordered it for me (there are a variety of colors).  It will stick on a counter top, sink or a variety of surfaces.  I decided to use the commode to completely get it out of the way.  The cord does fall to the floor (you could wrap it around, but I'm not that fastidious). 

3) Tie/Necklace holder.  There is a The Container Store nearby and I found this 42 peg cedar tie hanger.  It's two-sided, so the shorter necklaces are on one side, the longer, on the other.  At the house in FL, I had two necklace hangers screwed into the wall.  I didn't want to mess up a wall in an apartment and stumbled on this.  It works really well.  It takes up several inches on a closet rod, but it's worth it.  

I'm joining: 

4) Attended BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this week.  I only got messed up once getting there!  Next week, when I'm officially registered, I will be assigned a small group enabling me to meet other women more easily.  I'm looking forward to being able to make some friends.

5) Accepted a job offer! 🥁 Next week I fill out paperwork and start a training schedule.  It's retail/ seasonal which I think will work out well.  

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