Friday Favorites #33

Hello!  Did you or your family celebrate Halloween?  Eat candy?  Darling Husband wanted to do the Green Smoothie Cleanse, so that's what we've been doing--no candy here.  I haven't been as strict this time around, but doing pretty well, still.  DH is doing great, although he decided to sub out a hard boiled egg and carrots for dinner.

1) Outfit of the week.  It was so chilly when I wanted to recreate this outfit, I opted to stay inside!  Anyway.  How it's been working around here the last couple of weeks:  Sunday's are our days to see the girls.  We see the oldest one for lunch and the youngest one for dinner!  It weirdly works out that way.  The youngest, Jacklyn, works really close to us at Legoland, so we meet with her when she gets off of work.  This is the outfit I wore when we met up at Blue Goose Cantina.   

(hair before-ha!)

My Tomgirl jeans and Universal Threads top (seen recently on Velvet Duster post) were joined by a cabi Abbey Road cardigan and Earth Brand booties.  The cardigan doesn't get worn nearly enough, as every time I put it on, it seems to drain the color from my face.  The burgundy top rescues it, though.  

I'm joining: 

2) Hair Colored.  Speaking of Jacklyn, she's making another appearance on this Friday Favorites.  She started cosmetology school in September and they've been learning hair color.  So guess who colored my hair this week?!  She trimmed it a little, too, although they haven't covered cutting, yet.  (The sticks in the left corner are from a reed diffuser.)

3) New Hat.  We had a couple of rainy days here.  My umbrella was nowhere to be found--I did have it after we moved, but don't know what became of it.  I broke down and went into Target one morning to get a new one and guess what was right in the same area?  This hat!  I knew I was wanting one this style and it can even actually be used, not like the "old days" in Florida.  I've already worn it a couple of times--it helps with both the rain and the style.   This fedora style hat is also on Amazon where it's a little less expensive. 

4) Boho Home Style at Target.  Different trip to Target.  (Where we used to live it took about 20 min. in a mess of traffic to get to Target so I rarely went.  Now, it takes maybe 5 min.!)  I stumbled on a new-to-me Boho style home accessory line called Opalhouse.  I purchased a bed throw (similar) which is long and narrow to put on the end of the bed.  I was quite smitten with everything I saw.  

5) What would this post be without a photo of my darling grandchildren dressed up for Halloween at school.  They were to dress as characters from their favorite books.  My grandson's is Greg Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) and my granddaughter decided she wanted to be a witch, so had my daughter get her a book-ha!  I miss these little sweeties so much! 😢 

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Thanks for joining me!  It is supposed to warm up here.  Yay!  And, I have another surprise up my sleeve in the coming week.

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