Friday Favorites #36

Hello!  Welcome to Friday Favorites!  I've mentioned in the comments a couple of times, but not officially, where my new job is.  Here it is all official and everything.  Darling Husband, Steve, surprised me at the store on Saturday and took a couple of photos!

1) My seasonal job is at Pier 1 Imports.  Our dress code is jeans without distressing and actual sewn hems with whatever shirt under the stylin' apron.   It's been going pretty well, it's picking up steam with the holidays fast approaching.  I'm scheduled the Wednesday before Thanksgiving--which I'm told is busier than Black Friday--I'm also scheduled for Black Friday.  It kicks my behind when I have to work closing!

When I was shopping for the apartment when I first moved here, I purchased a few things at Pier 1.  At that point, I asked the cashier-on-duty if they were hiring.  From 2013-16, I owned my own furniture and home decor consignment store, so it was a natural fit.  I had considered clothing stores, too, but it worked out this way.

2) OOTW.  The Outfit of the Week ironically features the same shirt as in my Pier 1 photo.  It's the Free People Indigo Sky shirt.  (←If you're interested, use this link.  As of this post creation it was the least expensive.)  It's from my November nuuly picks and I've worn it a few times.  My favorite way is with white jeans.  

3) We saw Ford v. Ferrari opening night and it was fabulous.  I would highly recommend it.  I really like Matt Damon and miss his days as Jason Bourne.  It's rated PG-13.  Steve was agreeable and he was very happy with it.  It runs long and only moves slightly slowly in the beginning.  It's full of adrenaline-filled scenes.  I'd see it again in a heartbeat.  It's always fun to see a (roughly) Detroit-themed movie.

4) WonderSleep Pillows (the back two).  Forever, since our wedding, I've been using a feather pillow.  I've looked at other pillows over the years, but always was afraid to try something different.  Steve purchased these from Amazon randomly when he moved into the apartment in January.  I actually like them!  They are made from shredded memory foam.  No fussing with them like a feather pillow--just lay your head down.  The only drawback I can think of is they are on the heavy side, which is only an issue if you decide to sleep on the couch and have to lug it over.  Shown with my Amazon headboard, Ballard Designs quilt from a few years ago, Boho arrow feather pillows found recently on clearance for $5 ea. at Tuesday Morning, custom pillow cases made by me from a cotton Pier 1 shower curtain (Yes, I know they aren't the best match, but I looked and looked and got tired of looking and thought this fabric would be okay.  The coordinating ones are packed somewhere.)

I'm joining: 

5) Purchased a Vince Camuto Watch.  As much as I adore my two Fossil Georgias (similar), I've been on the lookout for a square or rectangular watch face.  The fact that it has a wrap band is a bonus.  It was found on Poshmark with a grey band and painted brown.  (You can see where I didn't paint it by the buckle.)

Thanks so much for joining me!  I hope all of your Thanksgiving prep is going well.  See you next week! 

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