Festive Red Cardigan Dressed Up & Down

Glamorous Friday Fringe Cardigan | NY & Co Jeans (similar) | St. John's Bay burgundy top (similar) | Doc Martens (similar) | Betsey Johnson necklace (similar) | Talbots scarf (similar) | Antonio Melani pleated skirt (similar) | Pendelton knit top (similar) | Silk scarf (similar) | We Love Color tights | Comfortview booties (similar)  | Betsey Johnson rhinestone earrings (similar)

The Challenge
When I saw this fun and funky cardigan available to rent at nuuly, I thought, "Why not?"  It seems like it will be fun to have for the month of December and really play it up for Christmas.  But, how to put pieces together making it look stylish and not silly?  Part of the key to wearing it is having "outfit equilibrium."  My 20 yr. old daughter is crazy for this sweater and wore it with leggings.  It really looked out of balance.  (In all fairness, she grabbed it out of my closet and wore it to dinner--leggings was all she had!)

There's currently a $20 OFF holiday special for your first month's subscription of nuuly! Please leave me a comment if you're interested! 

The Details
I'm a sucker for tonal dressing, so went for my red and burgundy knit tops as base layers.  The photo with the skirt is deceiving, in that the cardigan and top don't match that well.  The top is a true rich red and the sweater is an orange-y red.  Since my legs are frighteningly white, I added orange tights.  I have flesh tone fishnets that I might consider wearing instead.  The scarf pleasantly broke up the red with some blue and light colors that coordinate with the skirt color.  

I think the cardigan would look good with a denim skirt, too, but I wanted to mix it up and this ivory pleated one is my go-to for favorite winter looks.

For the casual look, I took a more-is-more approach.  I really liked the scarf in the mirror, but I'm not loving it in the photos and prefer the necklace by itself.  The fringes made such a statement, that I opted for my Docs over a pair of burgundy booties--either would work, depending on mood and event.

The Takeaway

Embrace drama!  While my pick was low risk, since it was rented, you may want to look for something more out-of-your-comfort-zone-dramatic while thrifting or on the clearance rack.  You never know, unless you try.  If you keep the drama piece in your color palette, it will make creating an outfit so much simpler.  Just can't?  These outfit options would work with a plain red cardigan.

P.S.  If you saw my Insta post Monday, you know I was having knee problems.  The steroids and ointment seem to be "doing their thing," and my knee is improving.

Glamorous Friday Fringe Cardigan | Antonio Melani pleated skirt (similar) | Pendelton knit top (similar) | Silk scarf (similar) | We Love Color tights Comfortview booties (similar) | Betsey Johnson rhinestone earrings (similar)
 Glamorous Friday Fringe Cardigan | NY & Co Jeans (similar) | St. John's Bay burgundy top (similar) | Doc Martens (similar) | Betsey Johnson necklace (similar) | Talbots scarf (similar)

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