Friday Favorites #38 Boho Christmas

Hey, everyone!  My knee is acting up again, despite the attention and medication it's been receiving and it's really getting on my nerves!  Go down to the office and pick up the mail packages.  Nope.  Pop out to get stocking stuffers or wrapping paper?  Unh uh.  Do a couple of returns and scope out Trader Joe's.  No and no.  

Earlier in the week, I was able to finish up the Christmas stockings, but as of yesterday, standing to cut out simple squares of fabric to make one of my daughter's a couple of pillows was too painful.  If you're still reading, thanks for letting me vent for a minute.  Grrr!

I'm joining: 

Before we get to decor, my look of the week is a ↑French terry sweatshirt↑ that I found marked down after Christmas last year from American Eagle.  How could I not, right?  They also had a nice-ish one, but that one was sold out-Ha!

Since we have a small place, I've been decorating with a colorful Boho style, repurposing whatever I can from what was here when we set it up for Steve and some our things from home.  We only brought one (useful) bin back from the storage area, so went with those ornaments and added a few more (which I tend to do most years, anyway).  Here's how the style was incorporated.  

Figurines and Tree Skirt.  Top left "Love" sculpture is from Pier 1.  Green nutcracker, felt tree and turquoise nutcracker are all from Hobby Lobby.  I was going to make a tree skirt to coordinate with the stockings, but found this tree skirt on eBay for $15 and called it "good."

The striped table runner (below) was a tablecloth from Amazon that I cut in half to make two runners.  One for the coffee table and one for the island in the kitchen.  I'll move the decor around and make festive Christmas morning vignettes with food and candy. 

In the top photo with the Christmas tree (it is a 7 ft. slender one that I kept from our former house), you may be able to see wool felt pom pom garland and triangle flag garland both found at World Market.  The topper is three large pom pom ornaments from Anthropologie (on sale Black Friday) and cotton ball stems (similar) from Hobby Lobby.

My favorite creation...

Small Boho Stockings.  There was no way I was going to dig for our Christmas stockings, so I decided to make some bright, small ones to correspond with the theme.  Do you remember I made small ones for the Grands last year?  These are similar in size, but, of course, I made a new pattern.  They measure about 10" x 8".  Just the right size for a little candy and maybe a trinket.  Usually Steve and I don't have one, but I made an exception, because I want candy, too!  (Three girls will be here Christmas Day.)  The white fringe was from the former tablecloth and the pink pom pom ribbon (red version) from Anthro.  Don't they just put a smile on your face?  I have an extra string of the pom pom garland that may get put up with the stockings, too.

Thanks for joining this Friday Favorites!  I hope you enjoyed the brighter (my rendition of Boho) version of Christmas decor.  It's fun switching things up a little bit.  I'll be glad by the time next Christmas rolls around and we'll actually have a real house to decorate.

Don't forget, you have till Tuesday next week to submit an outfit to Salazar at for the current Style Imitating Art theme!

Hmm, what could be in this gift bag?  I'll never tell!

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