Friday Favorites #41

Happy Friday!  Life is chugging by slowly for me right now.  I'm still feeling held hostage by my bad knee.  The wheels are turning, however, to get this problem put behind me.  Keep reading for more details.  

1) Look of the Week.  If you didn't notice, this look is "all about the coat."  It's one of my nuuly picks.  It's Levi's brand and is really almost too warm for our weather right now.  I was anticipating cold mornings, at least, and we have gotten several of those so far, so it gets used then.  I like it better than I thought I would.  It's been worn with a skirt and tights to take advantage of the length, too.

2) WOTY -- Word of the Year.  I've been giving this some thought.  Last year, my word was Initiate.  It was intended to be put into practice after I moved, and it was, if only for the last few months of the year.  

This year my word is Blossom.  I hope this one doesn't sound too trite.  My intent is to cultivate some roots which happens with every interaction, no matter how inconsequential it seems.  While my tenure at Pier 1 didn't last too long, I still met some women.  Even if I develop friendly relationships with store clerks, receptionists or baristas, it still counts.  All with the hope of beginning as a "blossom" isn't a full-blown bloom, but something that still needs to be nurtured to reach its full potential.  My responsibility will be to bring my most pleasant, engaged self as much as possible, to daily situations. 


3) Makeup Brush Cleaner.  Do you remember makeup brush cleaner was on my Christmas list?  One of my daughter's got this one for me.  I had to look up YouTube instructions to see how to use it--that's how lame I am!  It worked great, my brushes are clean and so soft!

4) Misc. Leftover from the Holidays.  I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas gift and a darling mug I found (but didn't buy!) at Target.

My Orlando daughter, Natalie, found this "Texas" Santa.  (I have a collection of Possible Dreams Santas and this one will be right at home with them.)  Seriously, how cute is this?!

This is the first time in 30 YEARS that there were none of our children in the house on Christmas morning.  How sad is that?  Maybe, just maybe, when we have a guest room next year, we can talk one or two of them into spending Christmas Eve with us.  Sounds like a plan!

5) Health Update.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon.  I'm scheduled to get an MRI on my knee Saturday and have a follow-up appointment Wednesday.  Currently, it's my left knee that's giving me problems.  About five years ago I had arthroscopy on my right knee, which helped with a similar situation. That knee is bone on bone and I'll need a knee replacement at some point.  Oh, and guess what?  My problems are making my legs bowed.  When I wore tights recently, I thought they were looking bowed (and the doctor confirmed it)--it makes me sad that my body is wearing out at this young age.  

Thank you for joining me, that's it for this week!  Hopefully, I will have some good-knee-news next Friday, and I'm starting to work on a sewing project, partly inspired by my friend Lisa (Coast to Coast).

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