Friday Favorites #42

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Happy Friday!  How has your week been?  Did it go fast or slow?  It seems like mine went by quickly.  We went out for brunch on Sunday and met up with Jacklyn and her boyfriend.  It was to celebrate our 38th wedding anniversary.  Yeah, I know, not much in the way of "celebrating," but it was good for us, as we haven't seen her in a couple of weeks or so.  We did split chocolate Frangelico bread pudding though--so that was festive!  


Steve has a knack for finding good restaurants.  We went to T.J.s Seafood in Preston Royal.  It was such a cute little place and had a nice menu (at least in my opinion--we all seem to have our favorites as far as menus go).  It was in a plaza with a Ballard Designs store.  Unfortunately, we got there before noon so it wasn't opened yet.  By the time we got done, I didn't feel like looking around.  Next time!

1) Look of the Week.  If you follow Nancy's blog, you'll see I nominated this sweater as a "Goodbye."  (Although, I submitted it spelled "Goodby."  I've caught myself making more than usual keyboard typos lately, does that happen to you?)  It's a nuuly rental.  In the past, I'd never been a pullover sweater person, but thought I should give one a try since it's been decades since I've owned a sweater like this.  No, still not for me!  Everything about it is pretty, though.  I get too warm and the banding at the waist is not my friend.

2) Haircut and Deep Conditioned.  Jacklyn's school is having a fundraiser, so I had my hair cut and conditioned by her right in the classroom while the instructor was lecturing!  (You can see the instructor at the whiteboard.)  They were learning how to use clippers to do men's haircuts that day.  It's the first time I've been to the school, it is really nice.

3) New Scarf.  I've been picking things up here and there as I find a need or hole in my wardrobe.  An oblong scarf with pink and brighter colors was on my wish list and this Painted Daydreams one showed up at Sundance and then in my closet--Haha!

4) Made a Top.  Last year, I saw this fabric and bought it without a specific use in mind.  I was thinking maybe a jacket.  Jackets I don't need right now, but long sleeved tops I sure do!  Honestly, I don't know if I even still like the fabric that much anymore.  Since I feel like I'm on house arrest (because of my knee), I figured I'd do some sewing.  Lisa's post from a couple of weeks ago, became the inspiration for which pattern I selected.  I'll be styling it soon!

5) Knee Update.  I got my MRI result on Wednesday.  It was pretty much as I expected.  Instead of a run-of-the-mill torn meniscus, it has a root tear.  That means it's a little more uncertain how much it will help if they trim it up because of its location.  I can get an arthroscopy or wait and see if things improve on their own.  I might give it a couple more weeks before I opt for surgery.  I also asked about my right knee since it is bone on bone.  The doctor said anytime I wanted to replace it was fine with him since it's already in that poor of condition.  A class is offered if you want to find out more about knee replacement.  It may be for those people who've already made a decision.  I want to go anyway to find out specifics that I wouldn't think to ask about.  

That's it for now.  Steve and I may attend a Bible study together.  A new (developing friendship) friend invited us to her home for a couples one.  See you next week!

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