Friday Favorites #43 Valentine Gifts

Hey, there!  Welcome to this week's edition of Friday Favorites.  I thought I would go ahead and share some Valentine's Day gift picks.  This amounts to a Wish List that I would actually like.  It may be a little self serving, but maybe I can spark an idea or two for your own wish list!

Before I begin, on the health front, I thought I'd let you know that I have my arthroscopy "scope" surgery scheduled for Thursday, February 6.  Hallelujah!  


For some gifting breakdown:

1) Wearables.  My leopard scarf is packed somewhere in the "mysterious beyond."  (Does anyone else remember that from The Land Before Time movies?!  Movie Clip HERE)  The below one is at a relatively good price point and is cotton/model so it can be hand washed.  

I never paid much attention to socks in sandal-wearing FL, however, now I am!  I like this 2-pack because the heart-dappled mustard color is unexpected.

2) Handbags.  While I really love Brahmin, I really, really love Patricia Nash!  You may recall my desire to have white-ish accessories to go with my Freebird booties from my Style Goals post.  Both of the PN styles shown are contenders, but size-wise, the top bucket one (image is clickable) would work out better.  Isn't it stinkin' adorable?

Now on a little more personal note:

3) Fragrance.  I've mentioned Jo Malone before and I know I'm not alone for enjoying her subtle, yet elegant, fragrances.  The linked items are Blackberry & Bay body creme and Grapefruit lotion.

4) Beauty.  This Bahama Mama bronzer gets used on the daily when I highlight and contour.  (Yes, I do it pretty much daily.)  So when one gets used up, another is on its way!  And, you can't use bronzer without a fluffy angled brush

5) Edibles.  What would a holiday be without some indulgent eating?  The time is always right, in my opinion, for a bit of Godiva chocolate, even if it's just a piece or two.  Did you see, or buy, the Godiva chocolate that was on sale at Target for Christmas this year?  Just because it was in Target doesn't mean it wasn't just as delicious!  I'm always on board for a Starbucks gift card, too, but the family thinks that's overly basic-ha!

What's on your Valentine's Day wish list?  Do any of the above items appear on your list, too?

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