Friday Favorites #51

Happy Friday, Friends!  It's kind of hard to keep track of what day it is, isn't it?  I went to my daughters' apartment yesterday to get my haircut.  The youngest is home on spring break, which will be extended, and my other daughter is working from home.  With this latest haircut, there's a lot more gray exposed--you'll see it soon.  For lunch, two of us went to get carryout and the business only allowed ten people in at once, including the employees.  So, while we were there a couple people had to wait outside till we got our food.  Strange times.  


1) Let's start out with the Look of the Week.  Oops, while I did get dressed this week, I forgot to take photos.  This outfit is a throwback from June.  It was worn just like this over the past weekend with the exception of my white snakeskin booties instead of sandals.  I got compliments everywhere I went!  

The Fountainhead

2) While I was at my daughters they had made a schedule for what to do during the day while being stuck at home.  After lunch was "quiet time."  To join them I scavenged one of their books that I had read a long time ago.  I'm in the middle of reading a different book, but it switches the story so much it's hard to stay engaged in.  So, now I'm re-reading Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead.

3) You may have done this before, but have you with colors for spring?  Since we can't get out in person, why not take a couple of minutes to see if there's a new MAC lip color you'll want for when we can get out and about again.  Click on the link and load a photo of yourself to see how you'll look.

4) And speaking of loading a photo to see how you'll look, for more fun, how about what you'd look like with gray hair?  Try Pantene's Slide to Choose your gray.  You may have to slide it back and forth a couple of times to get it to work.  You can choose the amount of gray/silver it gives you.  It's a bit shocking!

And, now for my favorite--snacks!

6) Finally, my favorite find of the week.  In the past I've gotten Caramel Toffee Clif bars.  There was quite a big selection at the grocery store recently and I saw Clif Bars have a coffee series, so I picked up a Vanilla Almond Latte bar.  Oh, my!  Yum, just, yum!  It has crunchy coffee beans in it and isn't overly sweet.  This will be my go-to bar in the future!  

Thanks for joining me!  Stay tough, stay safe.  Pray that we get through this quickly!  I don't know about you, but this shutdown is unnerving.

* * * * * 

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