Friday Favorites #52

Hey, friends!  Welcome to this week's Friday Favorites!  I don't know about you, but this week I'm more settled.  Last week I was more anxiety filled.  A routine really helps me with coping.  ALSO, it has finally gotten sunny here.  It's amazing what a difference a sunny vs. overcast sky can make to your sense of well-being.  I've taken advantage of sitting outside on our balcony, although, I only have a hard wooden kitchen chair!  

*** Warning:  Sewing intensive post! ***

1) The first of my accomplishments is this finished "make."  A few Friday Favorites ago, I showed you the Vogue 1503 pattern.  It turned out nicely and will be featured soon.  It's made with mid-weight cotton.  I can't recall if I've made a Vogue pattern before, but the details are impeccable. 


[Sewing notes about the pattern--feel free to skip this paragraph!  I had read reviews that other women had cut a size smaller and frequently lowered the neckline.  I cut mine to-size because I figured I could always take in seams and was comparing it to another top in my closet.  The adjustments I did end up making were taking in the sides slightly (I may cut it smaller next time).  The shoulder seams were taken up by about 3/4", that's what the photo on the right is--where the first sleeve was attached and a marking where the second sleeve was to get sewn on.  Also, 3/4" was added to the length in the top bodice.  Because I used fabric with a one-way design, I could have used about 1/4 yd. more.  The only place it mattered was on the cuff (shown at left) which had to be cut on the crossgrain.  In most other patterns there would not have been a cuff, but one sleeve piece.] 

2) Lantern pants, full steam ahead!  If you remember, I'm hacking the lantern pants from Artful Home.  This is my progress with the topstitching.  I had a double needle that would have made this job much quicker, but it broke right at the start (it may have been because it was not a jeans needle--this denim isn't that heavy, but it was going through several layers).  I'm really happy with the progress so far, they should be completed this weekend.

3) Length added to dress.  While the photo shows the dress in progress, it is completed.  This is my Sundance dress from last spring.  I was never happy with the short length.  I purchased a slip extender, but it wasn't me.  Since my Free People top was pretty successful with length added, the dress got the same treatment.  I should have listened to my friends Susan and Kellyanne, who suggested it be returned it in the first place.  I was stubborn and wanted to make it work!  

4) Bathroom cloths, hot off the serger, for when life gives you toilet paper shortages.  Not wanting to leave things to chance, I purchased two yards of flannel, rotary cut it into 6" squares, placed two squares back to back, then serged them together.  I had seen this idea quite some time ago and never thought I'd go this "green."  DIY Danielle's blog was my source for instructions.  I've been using them about 75% of the time and it's really not a big deal.  They are used in conjunction with a peri bottle, so it keeps things pretty neat.   It amuses me to no end that they're a rainbow print.  

5) House for sale.  Again.  It went up for sale this week.  Yeah, mid-pandemic.  Since my last update, we've replaced the roof, two A/Cs, water heaters, front doors and completely repainted the inside.  Overlooking the trouble it gave us, the house was perfect for our family.  I miss the spaciousness and the sunshine!  Steve said recently that he misses having a house and wishes we were weathering this virus in our own home, not an apartment where he still feels like he's on an out-of-town trip.  

That's it for now.  I'm really enjoying all of my sewing projects, I hope you don't mind tagging along with me!  Hopefully, the quarantine will be lifted before I run out of fabric.  

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