What is the Perfect Outfit for Brunch

J. Crew top (similar) | Eileen Fisher jeans (similar) | Madewell Ryder cardigan (similar) | cabi cinch belt (similar) | Handmade heart necklace (similar) | Franco Sarto mules | Cole Haan handbag (similar) | Anthropologie bracelet (similar) 

I'm going to start out by saying I'm frustrated with myself after seeing these photos.  While the rest of the world has gone into self quarantine starting last week, I've been at home pretty much for over three months, now.  December and January with a painful knee, February through the present, recuperating from knee surgery (arthroscopy).  Lots of days, I didn't even bother to sit upright!  What does that mean?  It means, because of lack of activity, my weight has crept up.  The clothes that used to fit well are now snug, and my roomier clothing is just right.  When I had my meetup a couple of weeks ago, it was nice and warm, so I reached for my linen pants.  They were tight.  Ugh, reality.  I feel like I've gained an extra chin, too!  I'd like to give myself grace, as well, but it's so darned hard for me to lose weight.  

Today's outfit is what got worn to brunch.  Until now, the pants have always been big-ish, when I put them on they didn't look good in front, so I added a shaper.  Result?  Major muffin top--to put it mildly!  I'm going to have to wrap my head around another green smoothie cleanse.  When I go out grocery shopping again, hopefully, there will be greens and frozen fruit available.

Back to the outfit.  Since it was warm, I added a lightweight cotton popover top to the raw hem cropped jeans (they are not a true white).  This top was one of the things that got put into yellow dye to make it a richer green.  Contrast was added with my burgundy cabi cinch belt and coordinating necklace.  

The snakeskin mules, which you've seen a few times now, add a polished look with the pointed toe, but ease with an open back and not-too-high heel.  A light cardigan is a must if there's A/C, so I chose a pink one, 'cause you know me and the color wheel (red and green are opposites).  

The handbag made its debut in a post last week.  I searched and searched and searched some more on eBay and Poshmark for something that I thought would go with my Free Bird snakeskin booties.  There were so many options and I wasn't sure how much use it would get, so I decided to go with an inexpensive one.  I have another Cole Haan handbag found thrifting, so I knew the quality was good.  It cost $15 plus shipping.  Little did I know how much I would enjoy its bookending with my mules, too!  

Despite the extra weight, the outfit was cool and comfortable.  

J. Crew top (similar) | Eileen Fisher jeans (similar) | Madewell Ryder cardigan (similar) | cabi cinch belt (similar) | Handmade heart necklace (similar) | Franco Sarto mules | Cole Haan handbag (similar) | Anthropologie bracelet (similar) 

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