Friday Favorites #54

Happy Friday, friends!  Well, here we are.  This is not the way I was hoping to spend this major birthday!  A sweet friend of mine celebrated the same birthday over the summer and her husband (and sisters) did an awesome job planning a party for her.  I teased her husband that he was setting the bar pretty high, but gee, I never thought the bar would get set this low!  Okay, enough of "woe is me."


1) My Outfit of the Week consists of this fun t-shirt.  When I ordered it from the Etsy store myweddingtees (you can select both the shirt and graphic color), I was fully planning on co-celebrating with my grandson on his 8th birthday last weekend in Tampa.  This print was selected because the "60" is easily readable vs. "sixty" and my 6 y.o. granddaughter refers to things as "fabulous."  Haha, so cute!  Darling husband wondered why I wanted to broadcast my age--my opinion right now is "who cares?"  I'm hoping I can find or make a fun, printed skirt to wear it with this summer.  

Chicken Madeira | Cheeseburger Spring Rolls |  Farfalle with Chicken and Garlic

Caramel Pecan Turtle Cheesecake

2) More Birthday Celebration Stuff:  I got my free Starbucks birthday coffee 😋.  Steve gave me a few small gifts first thing in the morning and I video chatted with my grand-children and daughters.  We had "fancy" carryout from Cheesecake Factory.  PSA:  Through April 16th, you can get a free piece of cheesecake if you purchase $30 or more on your order and add FREESLICE for a promo code.

3) New necklace.  Did you notice this in my last tie-dye post?  Isn't it crazy-cool Boho?  It's from one of my favorite retailers, Sundance Catalog (I got a birthday month discount 😊).

4) Made Face Masks.  May I tell you how much I hate that I needed to make these?  A lot!  I used directions I found on FB.  They had you use fused interfacing for extra protection and also add a (twist tie) wire for the bridge of the nose.  These are for top to bottom:  Steve, Daughter, me.  I'm wearing my daughter's, it's being mailed to her.

5) New Sewing Technique.  This is by no means perfect, but it is perfectly imperfect!  It's a trial of the Japanese sewing technique, with which you may already be familiar, called sashiko.  You'll see how I used it soon!  Any guesses?

Thanks for joining me this week!

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