Friday Favorites #55

Hey, friends!  Lord willing, we will be out of lockdown soon!  The numbers that are coming in are very promising (cases, hospital beds, supplies used, actual deaths, updated model numbers).  I know we'll all be overjoyed when we can get back out into the world!

On the home front, my supplies for projects are down to the bare minimum.  Here are some sewing projects on my vision board and supplies that have been ordered.

1) Gathered front culottes pattern.  When I saw the above oatmeal pants and cardigan in the Sundance catalog, it was love at first sight.  The price isn't even that bad, but I thought I'd see if I could find a pattern since I'm at home.  And, look!  View C is the shorter length.  I'm ordering lightweight linen, but can't decide what color!  I considered ordering the Aria cardigan to go with them, but it's a little spend-y even with a discount.



2) Purchased Fabric.  The top one is cotton, the bottom is linen.  I'm a bit concerned that the linen may be a little too heavy for a top, but want to give it a try.  These are targeted to make another Vogue top and Valetta top, shown below.  

3) Valetta Top.  This is a download pattern.  The hemline is longer in back than in the front.  I liked that the gathers are from the yoke vs. the shoulders as I'd seen in another traditional pattern.

4) Inspiration.  Two more picks from Sundance catalog.  Both pieces would be quite easy to make.  I haven't found the right v-neck pattern for the top.  The skirt wouldn't need a pattern--this style would be perfect with a graphic t-shirt for summer.  

5) Black Bean Brownies.  Haha-Nothing to do with sewing!  I have/had a few cans of black beans in the pantry and decided to use them to make brownies.  This recipe probably won't be new to many of you, but maybe a reminder if you have some extra beans in your pantry you want to use up!  They are vegan if you don't use honey for the sweetener and are very good!

Thanks so much for joining me, today.  If you were here last week, I didn't think to wish you a blessed Holy Weekend with Good Friday and Easter.  I hope you were able to celebrate and worship with your family. 🕊️  

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