Friday Favorites #56

Hey, friends!  I hope you are hanging in there!  I'm a little bit stalled on my sewing projects.  At the moment, I'm waiting for embroidery thread to be delivered and I need to figure out what I'm going to make with the pink linen fabric from last week's post.  I'm seriously considering the Adeline dress.


1) Jean mending.  First up, do you remember the above Wild Fable jeans?  I plan to feature them in their own blog post soon!  I tried my hand with the Japanese visible mending technique called sashiko.  This is not not the best job ever, it's good enough for me though!  It was a lot of fun doing this mending and I would like to find something else to experiment on.

2) Quilt Top.  I finally dug this out and finished assembling it.  It was purchased about a year ago as a kit.  Because, how could I not with the bright colors and flamingos?  (The kit contained pieces of fabric that needed to be cut into the various strips and assembled.)  However, one of the fabrics was missing.  I was able to assemble most of the blocks before the company forwarded the missing fabric to me.  Since I had set the project aside waiting for the missing fabric, it got back-burnered in a big way!  Now, I need batting and backing fabric.  I think I'm going to go ahead and order it, hopefully, finding a fabric that is "close enough" to the colors on the front.  

3) Condensed Cream of Chicken soup.  Welcome to the cooking portion of the post!  You know how prepackaged food that you buy started out as a homemade recipe somewhere, right?  For Easter, I was, once again, making the Paula Dean cornbread stuffing recipe.  As you know, looking for soup at the grocery store is pretty much a fool's errand right now.  I found a condensed cream of chicken soup recipe at Taste of Home.  Since I was halving the stuffing recipe, I only needed a half can of soup, so I was able to make--you guessed it--half a batch.  It was ridiculously easy! 

4) Sausage rolls.  Since Steve lived on his own for most of last year, he got pretty handy with the crockpot, so he's been using it to make himself dinner about once a week.  I kind of felt like I was neglecting making nice meals for us.  There was a random tube of breakfast sausage that he had bought and not used, so I looked up this sausage roll recipe.  I felt all accomplished, because the way you make the dough is with just butter, flour and salt and you roll it out turn it fold it, roll it out again (it can be done many times depending on what you're making).  If you've been a fan of The Great British Baking Show, you'll see those bakers do it--it's called laminating.  The sausage rolls got rave reviews from Steve!  I didn't eat any, but they looked delicious!

5) Frittata.  (Okay, I need to stop taking photos from directly above.)  I got tired of the same ol', same ol', so made myself a spinach and feta cheese frittata using this recipe because we had the ingredients on hand.  It was quite good and made me feel like I was at brunch.  Wah!  I miss going out to brunch!  

Thanks so much for joining me today!  By this time next week, Lord willing, I'll have a completed sewing project to share.  Have a wonderful, safe weekend.  Let's all pray that the economy gets up and running soon! 

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