6 Tips for Evaluating Your Wardrobe

I wash my hands in innocence and go around your alter, O LORD, proclaiming thanksgiving aloud, and telling all your wondrous deeds.  Ps. 26 6-7

Hey friends!  How many of you are doing a spring/summer wardrobe inventory?  There are a few reasons one is necessary here in the Fierce closet:  Many of my sleeveless tops are looking a little tired, my weight has fluctuated, my hair color is different and the climate has changed.  Join me in a head-to-toe inventory as I share six tips, how I've evaluated them for myself and you can, too!

1. What new items might my wardrobe benefit from or what new trend would I like to add?

Hat Collection:  Shown top and above are the summer hats I currently own.  For hats, I've always been "one and done."  After considering my own preferences and seeing my friend Chrissy rocking her collection, I've come to the conclusion that having several is not a bad idea.  I don't plan on running out and buying a bunch, but if another one or two turn up that would round out several outfits, I'll be open to it.

Wide Leg pants.  Do I need these?  No.  I've seen several of you looking so comfortable in wide-leg pants (I'm looking at you Shelly and Anna), and believe I'll get quite a bit of use out of them.  

2. What looks like it needs to be replaced, let go of, or updated?

Tanks and sleeveless tops:  While these were a staple in FL, I think I have enough for now.  However, they are on the tired side, so if I find something that's extra special, I wouldn't rule it out.

3.  Have I found colors, fabrics or styles that work well that I want to add more of? 

 Long-Sleeved Gauze Tops:  These have become a major player in my current wardrobe.  Texas spring weather is much cooler than I'm used to.  I've found gauze tops are perfect and I'm on the lookout for more. 

Why gauze? The long sleeves make it covered up enough and with the crinkles, it doesn't need ironing.  Plus, I think it adds to the Boho look.

Gauze Top Favorite.  This Universal Threads top has my favorite neckline and shoulder seams.  I like the popover styling, banded collar and V-neck.  I prefer an actual seam vs. a raglan sleeve style.  

Bermuda Shorts:  Shorts are almost always on my list.  I have nothing but denim in my collection and would like to branch out to some other color--if I find any that fit well!

4.  Do I need to make my style selection more cohesive? 

Footwear.  I'm scouting for some chunky flatforms to give summer outfits an edge.

5.  Does anything need to be added/subtracted to move my personal style forward? 

Mule Sneakers.  Since finding sneakers that are comfortable (you read that right) are like hunting unicorns for me, I'm going to look for a pair of mule sneakers.  Hopefully, the partially enclosed fit will be kinder to my finicky feet.  And, I'll finally be able to get the cute dress and sneaker look that is everywhere!

 << Less Of >>           << More Of >>

6.  Do I have any changes that need to be considered?

Since my hair kind of bypassed gray and went right to silver, I'm going to focus on blue-based colors as I mentioned in my Thoughts About Going Gray Part 2 post.  I may not always and forever focus on those, but it's a good place to start.

Did these tips get you thinking?  I'm really looking forward to rounding out my wardrobe and it seems fairly doable.  What about you?  What's on your wardrobe inventory update list? 

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