Friday Favorites #67~5 Things I Learned From the Virus Lockdown

Praise the LORD, all his works, everywhere in his dominion.  Praise the LORD, my soul.  Psalms 103:22

Happy Friday, friends!  Probably every last one of us has had some takeaways both large and small about the all-consuming virus that the entire world has been dealing with.  Below are a few (not all) of the things I've learned that are both serious and not so serious. I'm sure you have your own ideas.  This list isn't meant to cause any strife or disagreement, only personal observations.

1.  All loyalties to a certain brand of toilet paper are off the table.  Who knew or could have anticipated that the shelves would be wiped clean (no pun intended) of all things to care for your bathroom needs?  On the up side, we've tried new-to-us brands that were quite good.  I may have heard angels singing when I randomly found some toilet paper at the dollar store.  

You may remember I made my own bathroom cloths.  They were used through the entire lockdown and frequently still get used, because they make me feel cleaner.

2.  There are lots of essential jobs.  This is not to take away, at all, of the many medical professionals, law enforcement, utility providers, etc.  But, if you're putting food on the table, keeping lights on and a roof over your head, your job is essential to you and your family.  We are an ingenious people, as long as businesses can be as safely run as humanly possible and customers are aware of any risks, workers should be allowed to maintain their jobs.  Same with churches, our church back in FL started holding two services to split the congregation up and have scattered seating to maintain distancing.

3.  My priorities aren't God's priorities.  This one was a hard one to swallow, as I could see my own idols that I valued more than God's plan.  Me?  I'd like a life of health, comfort, peaceful politics, racial harmony, and no violent protesting to name a few things.  God is never surprised with what happens on earth and is in divine control over everything and I need to rest and take comfort in that.

4.  I'm more social than I realized.  I mention energy profiling from Dressing Your Truth now and again.  My primary energy is a higher level, while my secondary energy is the lowest.  My secondary energy can be quite happy for awhile curling up at home with books, sewing and puttering around.  My high energy level is withering on the vine with very few people to see or talk to, and then it's generally through a mask.  Wah!  I want my Starbucks back!

5.  I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles.  It only took 60 years and a pandemic to find out!  The above 2000 piece puzzle isn't the only one that got put together (but it's the only one I took a photo of!).  Steve and I put a couple more together.  I never imagined that I could sit for hours working on one.   

6.  Boy, did I pick a good time to stop coloring my hair in October!  No worries about roots!

What about you?  What have you learned during this time?  Thanks for joining me today, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I've got a sewing project (or two) to share with you next week, as well as, Monday is our new Style Imitating Art piece.

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