Five Things I'm Glad I Took on Vacation

Hey, friends!  I'm back again with another mention of our recent vacation (See my first What to Pack post).  Below are a few things I was glad I brought along.  I'm always trying to pack "perfectly" for each trip and these items didn't disappoint.

1.  Belt Bag

You may recognize this from our Key West trip.  I didn't bring a regular handbag at all and only carried a tote in the airport.  I used this as a crossbody and shoulder bag, and around my waist and hooked my sandals on it when walking on the beach.  Plus, I was able to purchase a few souvenir pins to add to it:  Puerto Rican flag, cocktail mixer from a Bacardi mixology class and a cup of hot chocolate from Chocolate Cortes.

Steve Madden Card Case

2. Card Case/Small Wallet.  This was purchased on a whim.  I knew I didn't need to stuff my regular bigger wallet in the belt bag.  This was more than sufficient for an ID, a couple of credit cards and a little cash.  

3. Bandana.  This was tossed in the suitcase in case I wanted it for extra color tied around my hat.  Instead, I ended up tying it on my belt bag and used as a headband and to wipe my brow, when it was so hot.  We walked a lot!  

4. Hat with Tie.  This was another learned lesson from Key West.  If it's windy (and when isn't it when you're near the water?) you'll need a tie.  Jodie glued her tie around the rim (I believe--Jodie, if you see this, let me know what post it is and I'll link it!).  I ended up hand sewing mine to the inside ribbon trim.  At some point, I'll get one of those spring tighteners/holders, I didn't want to make a separate trip to go get one before we left, so I just tied it.

5. Erase Your Face cloth.  These were a "thing" a couple of years ago, but I ignored them, as I already had a makeup removal regiment that I was happy with.  Lately, I wanted a soft cloth instead of just rinsing with my hands and took another look at these.  Yep, love the clothes--they remove makeup well and saved me from packing a bottle of makeup remover.  Did I have to pack a damp cloth for the return trip--yes, I did, but it wasn't a problem.  

Haha, this photo doesn't really relate to the post, but I wanted to include a peek of the dress I brought along--I don't have a full length photo of it that I like--Boo!  I'm eating a cauliflower "steak."

Thanks so much for joining me today!  I really appreciate your comments, but forgot to reply to them last week--ugh!  

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