Friday Favorites # 15

Hello, and welcome to another week of Friday Favorites!  My daughter and I were talking about things to do before we leave Florida.  She had been to a Disney outlet in Orlando (the land of outlets!)
which sounded pretty amazing and I thought I'd go after she moved out, when she expressed a desire to go again, the trip was "on!"  I also wanted to check out the Brahmin handbag outlet--I'd been there years ago and didn't buy a thing and regretted it!  As luck would have it, they were both in the same plaza.  The Disney outlet isn't pictured, but the Victoria Secret one is!  I've never seen this many square feet of their merchandise.  My daughters (above) found some things to buy.  

What was the Brahmin store like?  This was one of the racks in the morning.  All of the bags in the store are 50% off.  On this rack the ones in front were 70% off.  By the time we went back in the afternoon to pick one up for a friend, they were wiped out.  I should've seen that one coming.

2.  Made a Druzy Necklace.  It's not like I needed another necklace, but it's just the touch I wanted for a particular ensemble.  I found the druzy pendant marked down to $5, my friend gave me the beads.  After those were strung it looked a little too thin, so I added the chain the I already had on hand.  It's about 19" around.  I'm running out of gold clasps, though!  

3.  New Sofft Sandals.  You know, I may have purchased this exact style last year and returned them.  My "dressy" shoe wardrobe really needs updating, which is how this purchase came about.  These have a higher heel than I prefer these days.  From now on, I think I'll be strict about "old-lady" 2-inch block heels!  I purchased these at Dillard's in brown and they were marked down 40%.  Online the brown is sold out and they aren't marked down--try your local Dillard's if you have one.

4.  New Patricia Nash belt.  If you follow me on Insta, you saw this in a recent post.  Ya'll know I love Patricia Nash handbags and had seen her belts online.  I happened to find them in the store and the rest is history.  She has a few other printed belts, I liked this one because it's a lighter color for summer.  I also like the antique gold buckle, it seems like gold buckles are few and far between.

5.  Recipe on repeat.  This has been a staple in our house forever, although there was a break until the Grands got big enough to enjoy it.  Now that my 20 yr. old has been home for a few weeks, she's requested it, too.  I love my Longaberger dishes for baking.  I use this one for the entire recipe, sometimes I'll halve it and use a smaller Longaberger oval casserole.  (For some reason, I really like oval baking and serving dishes!)  My recipe is from the old Betty Crocker cookbook from when we first got married in 1982.  This is the actual macaroni and cheese recipe that I use, but I couldn't find it on a Betty Crocker site.  I never put the onions in, because, well, kids.  Most often I use seashell pasta, this batch is corkscrew pasta.  

Do you have an "old-time-y" recipe that gets use again and again?

That's it for what's been going on this week.  Thanks so much for joining me in another Friday Favorites post!  See you next week.  Have a great weekend!

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