Friday Favorites #32

Hi there!  Welcome, welcome, welcome to Friday Favorites!  What's up this week?  We're going to backtrack slightly, because I've been waiting till I had a spot to fill in the Friday Favorites lineup.  All the way back to a month ago when we headed out west.  But, let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Outfit of the week.  I snagged this look right from Fonda's 'gram feed.  I would have even used a similar belt, but I couldn't find it.  #movingproblems.  I forget about these pants, however, since I wore them in a recent post, they were fresh on my mind.  The brown Greek fishermen's hat was found at consignment last year.  It hasn't been worn but once or twice.  It can really cover up pretty much all of my hair which seems strange.  Now?  I'm in such dire need of a haircut, I've got hair to spare!  Pink is one of my favorite pairings with leopard--generally, I use a more saturated version, but this one works well--I'd wear this combo again and again.  Thanks for the inspiration, Fonda!

Doggy Transport.  This is the month-old info.  I read Jodie's trials when moving from CO to AZ.  She used enclosed condos for her kitties.  I didn't really think our little pooch, Pepper, needed to be enclosed.  Contained, yes.  I found this doggy booster seat on Amazon and it worked pretty well.  She whimpered a few times and the last few hours I let her ride in my lap.  It buckles around the seat and there is a buckle for her collar.  She has some leeway, but can't really get out.  (She' roughly 10-12 lbs.)  We stopped every 3-4 hours and made sure she got plenty of exercise and water.

Hair Makeup.  This is a product I kept looking at in the Soft Surroundings catalog.  When I went into the store shortly after getting into town, there was a makeup person who applied it for me and helped with deciding on a color.  Blonde or Ash Blonde would have worked.  I chose Blonde.  I'm pretty happy with it and just use it on my hair line between colorings.  Like now.

Whiskey Cake.  Okay, totally missed the boat of taking a photo of it when it was ordered.  Darling Husband and one of girls and I split this divine confection after dinner on Sunday night at The Whiskey Cake restaurantFace palm--there's one in Tampa!  It.  Is.  Rich!  If you're ambitious, here's the Whiskey Cake recipe.

I'm joining: 

Front Door Decor.  I'm a crafter through and through.  My daughter who lived here for several months, previously selected the llama door mat.  I wanted to add a wreath with Boho flair.  This one was knocked off from a similar one I saw on Etsy.  I found a metal ring, fabric ($5 for a home dec half yard b/c it had a dirty mark through it) and two types of ribbon for the wreath at Hobby Lobby.  The dia de los muertos garland was found recently at Ross, so I had to add it for the season.  I'm kind of lovin' this non-traditional spin on a wreath.  (This is an apartment door.)

Thanks so much for hanging out in my little corner of the blog world.  I have started working--mostly training this week, although, I did get to ring up a few sales on Wednesday with more to come on Saturday.  I'm anxious to share a photo or two, soon.  Have a wonderful weekend! 

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