Sundance Try-On

Hey, friends!  Welcome to my Sundance try-on.  I didn't intend on doing this post so close on the heels of my Mustard Yellow for Spring Summer 2020 post.  I was, however, anxious to take a look in the store since I've gotten a couple of their spring catalogs.  I had the perfect opportunity to get there right when they opened recently and even got a front parking space.  You can see how this went down--it was meant to be!  

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 Sundance Catalog merchandise.

Starting with the Noelia tee above, which was one of the items featured in Mustard Yellow for Spring Summer 2020.

  • The color was prettier and much brighter than the catalog photo which made me happy, because I thought the catalog photo looked really muddy.  
  • The embroidery around the neck and down the front was so flattering!  
  • It is linen knit, so will carry you through the spring.  

  • It was on the thin, sheer side.  Not enough to have to wear a cami, but you can definitely see where your jeans start.  
  • Because of the softness of the fabric, it doesn't "float over" troublesome spots like I'd prefer.
  • Elastic at wrists was on the snug side for me and would be too tight if I wanted to scrunch my sleeves up, which I do.  A lot.  

Conclusion:  If I could come up with a good fix for the elastic wrist, this would be a contender.  While I tinker with my clothing, when elastic is sewn in (vs. a casing), there really isn't an easy fix.  If it makes it to clearance, though...

The Sacred Valley dress checked off all of the boxes for me when I saw it online.  Photo below for reference.

  • The embroidery is as beautiful as you would hope.
  • It's lined.

  • While it's hard to tell with my jeans, it is way too short.
  • The "empire waist" seaming hits me mid bust line.

Conclusion:  Both cons would keep me from buying this dress.  It seems you would need to have a small bust for it to work.  There are only two reviews for the Sacred Valley dress online and one of them states the same problem. 

I didn't notice the Marmont Tee in the catalog, but thought the front twist had cute possibilities.  

  • 100% cotton
  • Dropped shoulders making the sleeves elbow length.
  • A "built in" front tuck, of sorts, if you don't like doing them on your own.

  • Too much fabric!

Conclusion:  I felt like I was wearing one of those baby slings.  Call it middle-aged pudge, post child-bearing pudge, or Kim pudge, but there was nothing flattering about this top on me around the middle.

Not the look I was going for!

I didn't want to like this Favorite Days cardigan, because I thought it would be a wardrobe duplicate of the Moonlit jacket from last year and didn't wear that one as much as I should have.  

  • It was lightweight for spring.
  • The horizontal "seam" hit me at a flattering spot.
  • It's a long cardigan with interest.
  • It would cover your bottom while wearing leggings, if that's your thing.

  • The color was too muddy IMO.  
  • There was some wool and cashmere.  The wool made it somewhat scratchy.
  • The arms (for me) just fit, making adding a top with sleeves underneath it a bit more challenging.

Conclusion:  I love the styling of this cardigan and would probably have purchased it if it weren't for the first two "cons."  

The Suncatcher top is oversized, but I don't think I'd size down because the sleeve length seemed right.  I'm wearing a large for reference.  

  • 100% lightweight linen
  • Not see through
  • Flattering neckline

  • Quite oversized (may or may not be a con)--there was a lot of fabric around the bottom.
  • The color was a little too gray for me.

Conclusion:  While I really liked it, I don't anticipate wanting a long-sleeved top for hot weather.  If it went on clearance, I would seriously consider it and maybe try to tinker with the color a bit.  

Bonus review:  Artists Palette bandana.  The bandana was shown with this top in the catalog and was displayed with it in the store.  Loved it!  May get it in the future.  The only "con" was the pink tassels are on the bright side compared to the colors of the scarf.  

I was kind of in love with my bad self in the Josephina Cardigan.  This is another "what was Sundance thinking for spring?" though.  It's a little heavy and the embroidery on the sleeves is more muted than you'd expect heading into this time of year.  

  • The shawl-style collar adds interest as you get both a strong vertical line with horizontal stitching.
  • The embroidery on the sleeves would coordinate so nicely with other things in my wardrobe.  (denim, mustard, pink, rust, green)

  • Heavy for spring
  • Embroidery colors not overly spring-y

Conclusion:  I bought this bad boy and want to wear it daily till it gets too warm!

Universal Thread Earrings | Snow Pine Design Necklace 

Bonus photo:  Haha, did I wear the right jewelry for this top or what?!  

Have you been to your favorite retailers this season?  Do share!  What has caught your eye?  

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