What to Wear with a Pleated Midi Skirt

The Challenge
This outfit is one, no two, wait a minute, three experiments. 
(1) I've been seeing long over long done all over the 'net and really liked the look.  I wasn't sure I could pull this off on myself.  The long over long is something visually to get used to.  (2) I have eschewed midis for years, certain that if a woman was middle aged, they would age her some more.  With the advent of midis sweeping the fashion world, it seemed a sure bet that wearing this length would say "trendy."   (3) Finally, a pleated, pleated skirt.  I really like pleated skirts, but since I have a larger waist, adding extra volume generally looks horrible.  This one is a sweater knit, it is so fine that the pleats only stand up a whisker's worth.

The Details
The new skirt is Antonia Melani recently found on sale at Dillard's.  I passed it up the first time I saw it because it is sweater fabric and figured it would be too warm to wear where I live.  I checked on it a day later online, and found it had been discounted.  Sold.  The top is my cabi cinch top, added for a Christmasy look.  The long Abbey Road cardigan is also cabi, found on eBay.  Oh, ha ha, I forgot to put my earrings and rings back on for photos!  Also, see Etsy for similar brooch.

The Takeaway
If something on your "never" list shows up in an updated, more wearable version, give it a try!  Please share in the comments if you've tried, or are going to try, this look and how you like it.


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