Green Cardigan: In with the old!

Heyyyy, friends!  Thought I'd hop in and share this outfit I pulled on earlier this week, 'cause I'm lovin' it!

I did a serious clean out of my cardigans at the beginning of the year.  Some had seen their better days and some were not right for the Texas climate (vs. Florida).  This cardigan was "binned up," although I love the color, as my extra weight "fluffed" it out too much-Ha!  Since I've been losing weight recently, (I'm on another weight loss journey in preparation for my daughter's wedding this fall <3!), it got dug out from the bin and put in the closet.  I just love it when clothing can be put in service year after year, don't you?  [Cardigan last seen at:  Tips for putting together a Boho Look.]

There's bits of green in my top (as well as a pale blue that goes with the jeans), so the cardigan got put into service.  The cardigan is silk and was a thrift store find.  The top is sleeveless and was purchased at Anthropologie last year, because, obviously, I couldn't live without the print!

Bead it up!

The necklace (it's hard to see the antiqued heart pendant) has been on the blog many times.  I like to pull it when I want something to bookend my Doc Martin sandals (they're both a cordovan color).  Then, I was in the mood to wear my yin yang beaded earrings (Free People) and pink (San Juan souvenir) bracelet.  Do you think you'd wear this many beads at one time?

Holey Denim!

Let's talk these jeans for a hot second.  It wasn't on my mind to get a pair this distressed.  They were purchased for a couple of reasons.  1) One of my girls has been wearing adorable faded Gap (similar) jeans, that I love, but didn't want to copy flat out.  2) Then, I found these Free People jeans clearanced price at about $30-$32(?) at Belk (👈 exact jeans are now less expensive!) and snapped 'em up!  (Since I knew I was going to watch my weight, I didn't want to spend much.)

>>It's been in the 100s (degrees) for the last couple of weeks so these long sleeves and jeans are only worn early or late in the day or when blasting A/C is expected!<<

Lastly, one little detail that gets big results!  See the V insert with faux lacing?  Yep, added that in to make these little-bit-too-small jeans fit perfectly--PLUS, they can be taken in as I lose weight!  Win-win-win!

Photos were taken with my phone.  Sorry for the graininess.

Size Up↑ Insert 

Thanks so much for joining me!  For awhile I was busy non-stop, now I'm catching my breath, so hope to be on the blog more.

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