10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse Review

The Challenge
I was wanting some new green smoothie recipes--who doesn't, right?  For some reason my online searches weren't turning up what I was looking for.  It was perfect when I ran across the 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book by J. J. Smith, because I wanted to use smoothies for a cleanse.

Almost two years ago I worked with a weight loss and holistic health office (AlternaCare) to get help with heartburn and weight loss.  I did a couple of cleanses supervised by them and did well (along with changing my diet).  This past holiday season (yep, that far back), I overindulged and wanted to get the weight off quickly.   My snacking had also gotten too relaxed and wasn't as limited as it should have been.  My favorites?  Fresh Market brand tortilla chips and Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel candy bars.  When I tried doing the program with their shakes again in the spring, it gave me problems by greatly increasing my neuropathy.  I decided to do a cleanse with green smoothies on my own, so I could control the variables vs. using a pre-made cleanse mix.

The Details
The white skirt was never loose on me, but you can see from my "before" photo that there was no way I could get it zipped up--I didn't even want to try.  My second try on, I could almost get it zipped up.  By Day 10 (yesterday)--success!   Yes, I always have pudge in the middle, it's just much more pronounced with high, fitted waists.  Grand total 🥁:  I lost 11 lbs. (5 kg) and 2 1/2 inches (6 cm)!

The recipes are simple and easy to make.  In general they give you a 30% greens to 70% fruit ratio with flaxseed and sweetener.  While the cleanse recipes span ten days, there is also a recipe section in the back which includes additional smoothie recipes for stress, heart health, energy, etc., as well as, recipes to use when coming off the cleanse.  For snacks you may have raw fruits or vegetables, boiled eggs, raw nuts.  Drinks include water or herbal tea, detox tea is encouraged.   Non-dairy protein powder is optional.  

"Customizations" of what I added to make the program livable for me with no guilt.  I had a soy latte daily, soup and salad for one lunch (dining with daughter), oatmeal x1, protein drink x1, fruit/nut pack x2, square of chocolate from a candy bar x3.

The Notes
  • It was easy to follow.  
  • There were a few times when I was quite hungry.  When that happened I would have one or a combination of a boiled egg, couple of carrots, Yogi detox tea (berry or peach) or some nuts. 
  • After the first couple of days my neuropothy started creeping up, so I reduced the fruit and upped the greens.  Approx. 60% greens to 40% fruit.
  • Also, after a few days I subbed the flaxseed for a combination of hemp hearts and chia seeds.  I have a flaxseed allergy and can get away with some, but 2T daily was too much.
  • Sweetener was part of the daily recipes, but it was mainly unnecessary for me.  I may have used it two or three times.
  • The recipes, as written, did not give me enough smoothie mix for the entire day, so I would have to make a small batch in the evenings.  Either that, or my "handful" of greens was too small.
  • Next time I would add protein powder to help stave off hunger.
  • I felt good, not headache-y or tired.
  • I used a Nutri Ninja and had to do one recipe in two batches.
  • I did not exercise.

The Takeaway
While I know there is no magic bullet, and quick fixes aren't generally recommended, I did all of the hard work a couple of years ago when I did completely change my lifestyle.  So, after this, I will get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. Yes, I would do this cleanse again!

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