Easy Leopard and Print Mixing

Peasant Top (similar) | Cardigan (similar) | Boyfriend Jeans (similar) | Sam Edelman Booties | Botkier Handbag (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Lips | Ring

The Challenge
Before I get to the actual Challenge, I am going to take a minute to address New Year's resolutions, or lack of. 
Recently, Debbie of Fashion Fairy Dust talked about a word (or words) of the year, if you haven't read her post yet, you may want to hop over and take a look.  I have been seeing the same concept mentioned around other social media outlets, as well.  I can't remember the last time a made a New Year's resolution, and it never seemed to make much sense to me to only appoint one day a year to make necessary changes in one's life.  Have you given a word of the year any thought?  Since I have been seeing the idea so frequently, I came up with a word for myself.  Because of our impending move and what that will mean on the other end, my word this year is initiate.  It is my goal to take initiative in meeting neighbors, joining community organizations, being active in church, going on social outings, job hunting, inviting people over or to lunch, etc.   With "initiating" being so open-ended, it will give me lots of opportunities to have successes.  If you are so inclined, or feel very strongly about your personal word of the year, you can even get it imprinted on a piece of jewelry to help your resolve or inspire you.  (My friend, Gaagii, at Snow Pine Design can make a custom bracelet for you. #notsponsored)  So how about it, have you decided on a word of the year for yourself?  If so, please share!  Now, onto the challenge...

If any of you still feel uncertainty when print mixing, or making better use of leopard prints, this post is for you!  Print mixing doesn't have to stress you out if you have an easy method of what to look for.

The Details
We finally have a little bit of cooling off here in FL.  In January, we could go full-on spring if we wanted to, but our summer season goes on seemingly forever, so I try to hang on to winter/early spring as long as possible.  Although, you better believe my spring-buying radar is on "high" as I tend to miss out (frequently) if I wait overly long to purchase new wardrobe pieces.  

I was "saving" this shirt for after the holidays, because I was so intent on using my red and green clothing.  This peasant top was a fortunate find as it contains the main color components of my leopard print cardigan--warm browns.  The scale is a little larger than my leopard spots, too, varying the print scale.  Those two elements make it an easy print mix!  The addition of the brighter embroidery give you some options/hints at what accessories you may want to add.  Have you print mixed this way?  How did it turn out?

The peasant blouse is Vintage X America found at Stein Mart, Old Navy boyfriends (Misc. note:  These jeans were completely an impulse buy, because I rarely get to ON and they fit well.  Little did I know, they would become a favorite!), Sam Edelman ankle boots (in wide!), cardigan, Botkier handbag (both older)  The Kenneth J. Lane necklace is over 13 yrs. old and still looks as current as ever, it definitely was a good investment.  If you look closely at the photos, you will see one of my Christmas Wishlist items!  Hint:  It's on my finger! 

The Takeaway
1) If you remember to look for coordinating colors and a change of scale, you'll be good-to-go for whatever prints you want to mix.  2) Give some thought to a word of the year and see if you can make it work for you.  If all else fails, you may want to adopt a couple of words "avoid drama," comes to mind, hahaha, I couldn't help myself with that one, sorry!
Peasant Top (similar) | Cardigan (similar) | Boyfriend Jeans (similar) | Sam Edelman Booties | Botkier Handbag (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Lips | Ring
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