What to Wear with a Denim Midi Skirt

Red Cardigan (similar) | Rolling Stones T-Shirt (similar) | Denim Midi Skirt (similar) | Leopard Booties (similar) | Safety Pin Necklace (similar)
The Challenge
If you stop by regularly, you may know that I've been itching for a denim midi or maxi skirt. 
The Simply Be denim maxi one that I previously ordered didn't work out and I was not seeing any in the places I was looking.   While shopping at the thrift store Christmas Eve day, I found one.  (Yes, you read that right.  I was looking for a plain grey t-shirt to add with sleep shorts for one of my daughters, the other stores I had looked at [prior to the last minute] were either pricier, since this was a simple add-on, than I wanted to pay or out of the right size.  I have to say, though, that it was quite pleasant as there weren't very many people there and it was kind of nice to get out of the house.  Weird, huh?)  When I initially tried to style it for Christmas Eve (remember the dozen outfits?) I just wasn't happy with any of the proportions and my shoe selection.

The Details
What a difference a couple of weeks makes!  This outfit came together without a hitch.  Wearing a graphic tee in a variety of ways is a familiar theme here at FFB.  The t-shirt (similar) was found at Cotton On (another store I wouldn't visit without one of my daughters).  I just couldn't pass up the glittery red lips of another Stones t-shirt.  It hurt a little that I had to pay full price, but I had to have it.  The denim skirt was a size too big, so I took in the sides, it's that very stretchy denim, so I may have to take it in again.  My red cardigan you've seen before.  The leopard booties are also new.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep these, or not, since I have a pair of leopard mules.  I found them through a Google search and they happened to be on sale.  They hit my sweet spots:  Price, width and heel height.  And, goodness, look what they do for this outfit!  The necklace is from a few years ago, I saw it in a style magazine and ordered it right away (from HSN).  

The Takeaway
Keep your eyes open to finding items that are true to your style, whether be at the thrift store, a teen store, featured in a magazine, or random Google search, it may pay to add them to your wardrobe.  Tip:  You could replicate the necklace on your own--by using an old large-link necklace and buying an oversized skirt pin from the fabric store.  

Red Cardigan (similar) | Rolling Stones T-Shirt (similar) | Denim Midi Skirt (similar) | Leopard Booties (similar) | Safety Pin Necklace (similar)
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  1. I love this denim skirt! I've been looking for the right denim skirt and still haven't found the right one yet! I love how you've styled it with the rock tee and gorgeous leopard boots. XXX