Thrift Store Try On & Tips

The Challenge
Yes, I know, you cannot replicate this exact try on.  In my wah, wah, wah about updating my skirt/dress wardrobe this is what I found when I hit the thrift store recently.  If you're not much of a
thrifter, this may give you some incentive (or disincentive) to check things out-ha!  This post is concentrating on skirts.

The Details
Maybe skirts are out of favor, or a lot of women have "Marie Kondo-ed" their closets.  Whatever the reason, I had a pretty good choice this day.

Gosh, I like the above one, a fun length.  What is it with me and pink?  Does no one else like it, so it comes home with me so often, or what?  The tag was marked as "plus," but the inside label read M.  (You may be able to tell I'm holding it together.)

One of the things I like about thrifting is there is no respecter of brands.  You can find a high-end and low-end item on the same rack.  This lettuce edge hem skirt is something I probably wouldn't have picked up at the store as it's 100% polyester.  At $4.88, it was worth trying on.  As an XL it was a slightly big, I liked it though.

I knew when I picked this up that it wouldn't be flattering, but tulle camo, how could I not!?  I wish I knew someone who would love it!

What could go wrong with this cotton leopard skirt?  The pleats started at the waist and went down--it doesn't look bad in the photo, but it felt like it added extra width to me.

This skirt was a size big, too.  It still had the tags on (from a department store).  It was cotton with lace trim and drawstring waist.  It was wide and short, the color is saturated for the hot summer.

This skirt fit pretty well and all of the colors (burgundy, olive, mustard) were spot on for me.  It also seemed dark for summer, plus it was a heavy poly.

Moving to dresses that could easily be cut off and made into skirts.  This one.  No.  Just, no.

Hmm, cotton.  Possibilities...

Revisiting the skirt from the top photo with the mismatched sizing.  Here's what the problem is, the elastic is completely stretched out.  

The Tips  

  • I prefer to go hands-free, so I put my phone, keys and cash or debit card in separate pants/shorts pockets.  At a minimum, I'd recommend a crossbody handbag.  
  • Wear clothing that's easy to get on and off, including shoes.  Or, if you don't want to mess with a dressing room, in the case of skirts, wear slim pants/shorts so you can pull the skirts on and off in the aisle.  The same goes with a slim fit tank top or cami if you want to try shirts on.  You may want to bring or wear footie socks as standing on the bare floor creeps me out a little.
  • Bring an IKEA bag (this is my personal super-secret amazing tip).  The large ones that you can carry over-the-shoulder and they have short handles, too.  With this, you can stash all of your "try on" items without using a cart.
  • Look in sizes that aren't yours, as items get misplaced frequently.  Also, as we all know, sizing can run dramatically different.  It helps if you know the cuts and colors you prefer, then you can quickly glance at the other sizes and see if there's something that sparks your interest.
  • Be brutal when making your evaluations in the mirror, as there's no sense in bringing home something that's just "meh," even if it is a great price.  On the other hand, this could be a good time to take style risks, as the investment is so low.
  • If you are somewhat handy with sewing, check out dresses that could be cut off and made into skirts, or dresses that could be shortened to make tops, etc.  With blue jeans, the style is raw-edged hems right now, so you could just cut them off with scissors if they're too long or you'd prefer not to have, say, a bootcut.
  • Make sure you're in the mood to do some treasure hunting.  If you go when you're tired or low on patience, you won't have the best experience.
The Cliffhanger 
Want to know what I bought?  You'll have to come back Wednesday for my next post!
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