Friday Favorites #19


Hi!  Welcome to this week's Friday Favorites!  I'm really excited to share this week with you as it includes some fun purchases.  

1.  Look of the week.  This is my girls' day out shopping outfit!  After seeing Debbie and Lisa looking ever so stylish in these shorts, I ordered them a few weeks ago.  I thought the Lucky Brand embroidered t-shirt was a perfect pairing.  I added my Birk's because a girl needs comfy feet while shopping.  Where did we go?  Was anything purchased?  Read on!

2.  My major purchase was this new ring setting.  There is a fantastic consignment store in downtown Sarasota called The Exchange, Inc.  It's unusual, in that it supports the arts.  Skip this part of you don't want too many details... [In one part of my brain I was going to look for an estate ring.  I told my friend to hold my feet to the fire and not let me buy something "just because" that wasn't amazing.  In another part of my brain, I decided I wanted to update my wedding ring for my birthday next year.  What did I inadvertently, serendipitously find?  This setting!   I had to walk around for a few minutes and take some deep breaths to decide if I wanted to pull the trigger, or not.  Of course, I did!  I really like that I found it randomly, instead of pouring over internet searches or looking around jewelry stores.]

My second purchase was at another small fabric store that carries bolt-ends of high end fabrics.  I found brown linen fabric to use with...

3.  This sewing pattern.  I was wanting another pair of lantern pants and decided that there wasn't a good reason I couldn't make them.  My only hesitation is making a mess while the house is being shown.  I'm going to give these a try, though.

The Sewing Workshop PDF sewing pattern - Picasso Top and Pants

4.  Ordered this Boden jumpsuit.  I was going to let this whole jumpsuit trend pass me by, mainly because I didn't want to deal with the maintenance of having to launder and press one every single time.  This one appears to be easy-care.  Boden carries tall sizes, but I double-checked measurements and the regular should fit.  It's 100% cotton--a must.  The rich color will be perfect whenever we transition into fall.  This color wasn't marked down (although I found an online coupon), but a couple of other colors are.

5.  You know I can't resist some mention of the sweet Grands.  I found these beyond-darling pool floaties at Tuesday Morning to use over the July 4th weekend. 😍

Bonus:  If you want to be a Rock Star to your granddaughter, you will happily make Rice Krispie treats with both Skittles and mini M&Ms!  

Thanks for joining this Friday Favorites post!  I have sooo much to look forward to with a new ring, new pair of pants and new jumpsuit!
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