Friday Favorites #34

Hi!  Welcome to Friday Favorites!  It is c-o-l-d here!  I wanted to take photos outside, but the balcony is the furthest I wanted to venture out.  

1) Look of the Week.  Haha, I had a completely different look in mind, but the photos didn't turn out.  The above look is Pt. 2 from the following highlight, below.  The "top" is another gift from Caite and Kyla.  

2) Modified dress.  I took a photo of the "before" dress.  Yes, dress.  It got lost somewhere.  It was a fuller A-line, but short.  It also had bell sleeves (not gathered, but cut on the bias).  There was a seam already where I trimmed the sleeves off.  The overall shape of the dress was taken in somewhat and then 9" was cut off the length.  This is a large.  I have to say, as far as I can tell, they run on the small side for me.  It could be because I'm thicker from age and the brand is more for younger women, or I should size up.  You can see it pulls some over the bust.  It must have been a summer dress, as it is no longer on the website. 

I'm joining: 

3) Socks.  Last year, I randomly bought socks at Urban Outfitters because I wanted an off-white pair for the blog.  I liked them so well, that I went back this week and got a couple more pair in different styles.  I'm also going to get some additional, thicker ones, too.  Some of their styles contain wool--which are what I bought previously, so far they are really nice.  They had a couple of varieties of sheer anklets, too, if you like that look.  The top two are the pairs I recently purchases--if you get two pair, they are $20.

4) Flats.  No, not stylish in the least, but at least they solve a problem.  I broke down and bought Birkenstock clogs.  
5) Norwex.  My cousin hosted a Norwex home party.  (I hadn't heard of them before.  Are they popular where you live?)  They have bio friendly products and several different kids of microfiber cleaning clothes.  I purchased two varieties of their microfiber clothes--one specifically for windows/mirrors--and their bathroom cleaner.  So far, so good.  The shower floor looks better than it has for the entire time I've been here (and prior).  Not all microfiber clothes are created equal and the ones I had at my former house had seen their better days.  I had been fighting window cleaner streaks so much that one of these is nice to have.  

Thanks so much for joining me today!  I'm really going to try to get better at my photo planning.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned!  

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