Sweater Statement Sleeves: Settling In

We the Free Rainbow Sweater | cabi Trackers (similar) | Sam Edelman booties (similar) | Bracelets, various Alex & Ani (similar, similar)

The Challenge
Many of you already know that I've moved from Florida to Texas.  Settling in, however, has been another matter.  

It sometimes starts in the morning, often before I open my eyes to a new day.  The hurt starts seeping into my soul and I want to go back to my old life in the worst way.  Once in awhile, I cry.  To combat the feeling, I get up and do "things" such as errands, chores, projects, to get my mind off of my feelings.  It's such a strange sensation to have no bearings, no history, no friends nearby.  Sure, I can follow my GPS to a destination, but it doesn't mean if I head north, south, east or west, I'll know where I'm going to end up.  

A few weeks ago, a woman about my age, made a comment to me when I was sitting in Starbucks.  We struck up a conversation, exchanged numbers and have gotten together for coffee a couple of times since then. It really helps to have "girl time" even if you don't know each other that well.  It's especially easy to strike up a conversation with someone close to your own age, as you've gone through many similar life events and challenges.   So far, it's been the gift of a short-term friendship.

Roughly seven weeks have come and gone and the distress visits less and less.  While I still cry after face-timing with the grandkids, I've always been one to tackle challenges without hesitation, and while it will take more time and effort, this is no different.  Rebuilding an entire community is going to require for me to be in it for the long-game.  

The Details
You may remember this We the Free Rainbow Sweater from my nuuly November picks post.  It has these phenomenal over-sized sweater-knit sleeves.  I wondered if the crayon-box, yellow knit in the design would go well with my green-ish mustard cabi Trackers.  Yes, I'm very happy with this combination.  The made-by-me necklace really was the right addition to this look as it picks up both the warm gold tone of the pants and the berry tone of the sleeves.

My goal was to take photos before our cold weather rolled in and I wasn't quite successful.  By the time this photo shoot was over I was so cold!  

The Takeaway
When putting together outfits, try things that are "close enough" without worrying about an exact match.  

* * * * *

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We the Free Rainbow Sweater | cabi Trackers (similar) | Sam Edelman booties (similar) | Bracelets, various Alex & Ani (similarsimilar)

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