Style Goals for 2020

Free People jacket | Handmade top | Kut from the Kloth jeans | Freebird booties |
 Necklace custom find
White Stone Necklace with White Booties

The Challenge
Last year I took a look at my style, what was working, what needed changing up.  Was I successful?  What are the 2020 goals?  Let's take a look.  

The Details
One of my desires was to put more edge in my wardrobe.  The move to TX has enabled me to forge ahead by leaps and bounds with that goal.  The cooler weather makes it easy to add fabrics with heft and texture, i.e., chunky sweaters, tights, jackets, layers, denim, work boots, etc.

2019 Goal Recap
  • Red jeans.  Have not yet found these.  There is currently a cabi Fashion Flash that has a pair I may take a chance on.  At this point, I'm kind of over it.  If I find them, I find them.  If not, oh, well.
  • Full length white jeans that fit well ✓.  Oddly, a pair of cabi curvy fit (I'm not curvy) skinnies.
  • Comfortable athletic shoe.  Haven't found.
  • Work boots, Doc Martens ✓.  Burgundy Docs, along with a floral pair from Poshmark were purchased, as well as, a white snakeskin work boot style pair from Freebird shoes.  I can't overstate what a godsend these boots have been in TX.  They are wide enough, an orthodic insert fits into them, the Doc soles are non-skid and I'm comfortable wearing my burgundy pair when it's raining.  
  • Replace leather jacket, possibly get winter coat.  No and Yes ✓.  I haven't been shopping and seen a leather coat--that's an item I don't think I'd be all that comfortable ordering online.  A Free People winter jacket was purchased early on in October.
I was moderately successful on things I wanted to avoid.  Olive green toppers and saturated colors were on that list, but I've purchased those.  The saturated colors was primarily because that's what I found when I was looking and the olive jacket--well--it was too cute to pass up!

Free People Jacket | SP Black jeans | Dr. Martens | Vince Camuto watch | Necklace handmade
Olive Jacket, Burgundy Doc Martens

  • What I've discovered from my new climate is, I need long-sleeved tops.  I prefer blouses to knits because they're lighter and don't get bagged out like knits sometimes can. 
  • I enjoy getting back to being able to wear hats. 
  • There are now likely too many light-weight cardigans in my wardrobe.  I'll have to ride out the TX spring/summer to see how frequently they get used.  They were year-round staples in FL, but I haven't reached for them much so far.  Jackets have been more practical because of their wind-breaking properties.

2020 Wish List
  • White-ish accessories to incorporate with my Freebird booties (see necklace in top photo).
  • Hobo style medium brown handbag
  • burgundy shade of lipstick
  • Long sleeved blouses
  • Scarves as they're found to enhance current wardrobe pieces
  • Leather jacket
  • Comfortable sneakers (I just may give up on these.)

I'd like to wear a skirt or dress once a week, at least, not including Sundays.  On the personal care front, last year I was going to let my hair go its natural grey.  As you can see from my photos, I chickened out.  I'm going to give it another try.  I may end up re-coloring it, but I'll never know how I'm going to feel about it unless I do try.  

The Takeaway
I feel pretty good about my style and items I own right now.  I kind of feel like I've found my "style home" at the moment with Free People and Sundance retailers with some Lucky Brand and American Eagle sprinkled in.   

How are you doing with your style goals?  Do you have a retailer that sells your authentic style on a consistent basis?

Target hat and gloves | Desigual scarf | Free People Coat | Starbucks travel mug
Hats?  Yes, please!  

Sundance Sera Blouses | Johnny Was scarf | Fossil earrings (similar) | Old Navy boyfriend jeans (similar) | Patricia Nash belt (similar) | Sbicca booties | cabi locket (similar)
Saturated colors weren't particularly my preference for 2019, but I love these (identical) blouses!

Doc Martens became rock stars!

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