Friday Favorites #68~Knee Update

Let the one who is taught the word share all good things with the one who teaches.  Gal. 6:6

1) Steve and I have been taking drives on the weekends and this was from a few Saturdays ago when we lunched in Lewisville.  (The thrift store weekend!)  Neither of us can remember the name of the restaurant, though.  If the decor looks familiar to you, you may recognize it.  I felt really cute in my refashioned top and, of course, loved the colorful surroundings, so made Steve take a photo, haha!  The food was so/so, but at least we got out!

2) Recently, one of my dear friends from FL (now in NV) sent me a sweet card with the above Patricia Nash scarf tucked inside.  When I received the envelope, I could feel it was soft and thought maybe she was sending me fabric samples--she's an avid quilter & sewist.   We really miss one another and her note and thoughtful gift really filled my heart.

3) New Handbags.  Remember my straw handbag roundup?  Right around that time, I went to T. J. Maxx to see what selection they had.  While none of those tickled my fancy, I found a Patricia Nash satchel handbag (pictured in #2, above) for $56 (it would normally sell for $200+).  So, I bought it!  You have to admit it goes with both pairs of my new summer sandals.

In my last post, you caught a glimpse of a new-to-me Brighton handbag.  I really like the braided handle and fringe tassel hanging from the ring on the front.  It's crocheted raffia (I think) and should be perfect for summer--if I ever get out anywhere!

4) Featured at on July 4th.  Yeah, this is so not a big deal, but it was still fun to see myself featured, anyway.

5) Knee update.  Brace yourself (pun intended).  Okay.  Ya'll know I've been struggling with this since December.  In February an arthroscopic surgery was performed.  It helped somewhat.  With lockdown it wasn't much of a consideration, because there was no one going anywhere.  But, it has progressively gotten worse.  I have knee replacement surgery scheduled for three weeks from today.  And, it can't get here soon enough!

When you decide to have the surgery, you need to have a current knee scan and get releases from your GP and, in my case, also a cardiologist, as well as, take an online class.  After the scan, it takes six weeks for the knee to be built.  Needless to say, it's been quite the process.  Plus, my new GP found a couple of other things that she thinks necessary to have checked out.  The only place I've been getting to these days are doctors' appointments.  

Most of my time is spent in the apartment.  New meds were prescribed from my rheumatologist at the beginning of June and that actually was a pretty good month and I was hopeful and even got out some.  Come July 4th weekend, my knee really went downhill again.  (I don't know why, nothing out of the ordinary happened.)  It was bad enough that I pulled out my crutches one day, although that's hard on my less-bad knee.  I'm going to schedule my less-bad knee for knee replacement before the end of the year, as well.  

For awhile, I'm going to be taking my photos on the balcony, as it's too difficult to make it downstairs with my equipment.  I imagine I'll also be taking some time off from blogging.  I hear the recovery isn't too bad and I've been keeping up with my PT exercises to help speed up the process.

So, that's what's been going on around here!  For the most part I try to keep my spirits up, although I will admit to grousing now and again!  Have a great weekend!

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