Weekend Getaway Wardrobe Winners and Losers

The Challenge
We all try to think-through our travel wardrobes to fit our destination scenarios and be comfortable and well put together. 
Some items work better, some worse, than we had hoped/anticipated.  Then there are unforeseen things such as change in plans, weather or spilling something on a garment so it's unable to finish its rotation.

The Details

My favorite item was my floral jeans (they are Nine West brand found at Stein Mart, but I couldn't find an exact link), followed by my camo skirt and denim shirt.  The jeans were winners because they felt summery, but were covered up enough for my day at Mall of America.  Plus, the cut of these are "just right".  My camo skirt because it was cool for walking to and around the farmers' market, yet felt like it gave me a style "edge."  The denim shirt, honestly, a denim shirt is almost always an all-around packing winner as you don't have to worry about wrinkling, it can be worn in the A/C when you need the extra layer and tied around your waist if you no longer need it.  Also, in the "Winner" category, surprised/not surprised, I mixed up my planned outfits as my mood suited me.  Note:  I packed an extra tencel/chambray tank top for the return flight, (see this post) in case the first top wasn't as fresh as I would like it to be.   

Floral jeans, chambray tank, blush cardigan--one of my favorite outfits (photos taken after I got back home).  Notice the "front-tuck", I am going to be sad when this trend ends as it makes it appear I have a waist, when I have none!

Berry cardigan and Birkenstock sneakers and the berry tank top--kind of.  Starting with the shoes.  I thought they would be The. Answer. to my foot problems.  Although the soul of the shoe performed well, the top part where my foot bends rubbed and made my feet sore.  This was the first time I've worn these, so I don't know if they will "break in" or not.  The berry cardigan was fine, except for the fact that the places I went to the extra layer was unnecessary, which you really can't anticipate.  Examples, our first and last dinners out were al fresco and the other, the restaurant was warm enough not to need a layer--go figure.  The berry cardigan would have scored higher if the straps were wider.  While I know that sounds a little strange, and it's just personal preference, when I ended up wearing this without a topper I didn't like the narrow straps on me.  They were just not as flattering, I felt, as a wider strap would have been.  

"Ouch!" | Sneakers

The Takeaway

Yes, I'm a little sheepish to include this, because it's such a no-brainer, but give your shoes a thorough test before you pack them (these were not painful enough to not wear at the time, but my feet are still hurting!).  Keep all of your items coordinated so you can mix and match as mood/weather/circumstances/spills might sway you.  Select items that make you feel good.  If photo ops are important, make sure all of your items can stand up to your own personal standards.  

What have been your "winners & losers" for traveling? 

Stay fierce!  Kim

Outfit Details
Cardigan | Tank (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Handbag (similar) | Sandals | Tank Top

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