What to Pack for a Summer Weekend Getaway - Minneapolis

The Challenge
Everyone wants to maximize both their luggage space (often carryon's these days) and outfit options while on the road. 
Though we all have different wardrobes, tastes and comfort levels with clothing, I'll let you in on what I'm packing, why, and how many different looks I can get.  For my trip, I will be leaving on Thursday and returning on Sunday.

The Details
In the suitcase:  One pair printed twill pants, one camo print skirt; Sleeveless wheat-colored top (previously featured in this post), berry tank, yellow gingham top (this could have been replaced with a stripe or solid to go with both bottoms, but I wanted to bring this one), long-sleeved denim shirt; berry cardigan; camo crossbody; Birkenstock Gizeh sandals.  Misc. accessories:  Belt, necklaces, etc., not shown.

Outfit Day 1) Floral pants with either just the denim shirt or the denim shirt over the berry tank.  Sandals.  Evening:  Change into wheat sleeveless top with berry cardigan, change accessories for dinner out.
Outfit Day 2) Camo skirt with yellow gingham top, sandals.  Evening:  Change into berry tank with berry cardigan, change accessories for dinner.

Options:  The denim shirt can be worn with the camo skirt.  The berry tank and cardigan can be worn with the floral pants.

The Takeaway
Pack according to your personal tastes.  Avoid "independent" clothing choices that don't coordinate with other items you are packing.  (i.e., I just bought a fabulous coral/orange tropical print top that I wanted to bring along, but decided against it.)  Don't rule out prints as they can be more versatile than you may think.  

Please check out my next post which will feature what I'm wearing on the plane and how it coordinates with these items.  What about you?  What tips would you like to pass along?



OTHER Options

Jeans | Floral Pants (similar) | Tank Top | Olive Sleeveless Top | Birkenstock Sandals Sneakers | Cardigan (similar) | Denim shirt (similar) | Blush Cardigan | Camo Skirt (similar) | Handbag1 (similar) | Handbag2 (similar) | Gingham Top (similar) | Wheat Sleeveless Top (similar) | Cardigan (similar)

Stay Fierce, Kim

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