Friday Favorites #23

I've been over to my daughter's house most days this week.  Her new townhouse is much nicer than the house she was renting, it's in a better area, too.  The downside is it's more drive time for me.  

I had been helping to unpack.  However, the last couple of times, I manned the fort while she registered the grands for their new school and went school shopping.  Next on the agenda is getting a crib and bunkbeds assembled.  Other than that, this is a snippet of what's been happening:

1.  Outfit of the week.  Fonda at Savvy Southern Chic has an August theme of #forgottenignoredandunworn.  I very much need to key in on this as it seems like many, if not most, of my favorite clothing items from last year fit the category.  The skirt (from Floral Dress to Skirt post) and tank do.  The teal tank seems like it would get layered frequently, but hasn't.  The skirt has only been worn a couple of times this summer.  I'm going to consider getting rid of them or possibly try hemming the skirt to midi length.  

The following are items that are on my wishlist from my cabi try-on from Wednesday's cabi Try On Fall 2019 post and will round out my Friday Favorites.  Looking at the pieces in this outfit 😍:

I'm joining: 

2. Peek Pullover.  There is a high likelihood that I will be ordering this. It's a beautiful shade of purple and I like the unique sleeves. I tried on a medium at Annalisa's, but think I would size up to an XL, as it seems like it would be too body-hugging.  The only question mark is, since it's a sweater, what time of year would this be worn?  Would it be too chili for winter and too warm for spring?  It will be getting some thought.
3.  Beast Belt.  This belt is quite wide, maybe as much as 2" (dimensions not on website).  This is another one to be pondered as it's a bit pricey.  When I looked around for comparison belts, the price seemed about right for the width--I found other (genuine leather) leopard belts that were less expensive, but not as wide.

Tuxedo High Straight.  I know other retailers have carried this style.  I don't intend to get these because they're a high rise, but couldn't help to include them to complete the look.
4.  B-Side Cardigan.  This is a perfect Florida weight and it's 100% cotton.  I'm going to take a closer look at it and decide if I'll like the rounded back hemline or not.
5.  Repose Cape.  It's called a "cape" because the sleeves are a batwing style.  This cardigan was a "hanger dog," but it's adorable on.  (Sorry, I forgot to take a photo!)  The decision on this one will be if this heavy of a sweater will get worn in FL--I know I'm moving one of these days, but it's taking forever!

I can't believe it's almost technically fall!  It will feel like summer here for quite awhile.  If you'd like to shop cabi, check Annalisa's cabi link.

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