Friday Favorites #58~Need Your Opinion!

O LORD, I love the habitation of your house and the place where your glory dwells.  Do not sweep my soul away with sinners, nor my life with bloodthirsty men, in whose hands are evil devices, and whose right hands are full of bribes.  Ps. 26:8-10

Hey!  Happy Friday!  For some reason, I'm extra excited to be doing this favorites post for no particular reason that I can think of.  Haha!  I can't believe we're at the end of another week.   The above photo is from Saturday night when Steve and I ate dinner out.  At a restaurant!  We were all set to get carryout, when saw on the website Wildwood was open for business.  They had an abbreviated menu and you could use disposables or your phone to see it.  We jumped at the chance!  Now, onto...

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1) New Cloth Napkins.  Yeah, the things we can get excited about right now...  We ran out of paper napkins a long time ago and I didn't want to keep using up our paper towels.  Since our cloth napkins are packed, I purchased a set of seven (haha, one missing), used Ralph Lauren ones from eBay.  I figured I'd purchase from an actual person who was trying to make some extra money rather than a retail store, not that the stores don't need our business.  The floral print may be from the '90s, but I don't care as they are good quality and we are using them.  Daily.

2) Little Fires Everywhere BookShelly mentioned this book on her blog last week, so when I saw it in Target, I picked it up.  I'd say it's pretty good and reads like young adult literature (in my opinion).  I hope the Hulu adaptation doesn't disappoint.

3) Ankle weights.  While I'm generally extremely happy with all of my sewing projects this was a "what was I thinking" one.  Right before the virus lockdown, I was considering getting ankle weights for my home physical therapy exercises.  When we moved I donated a set or two of hand weights that I'd been storing for probably decades, which made me not want to buy anymore, since I figured I'd be using them for a limited time.  In a hair-brained moment, I had Steve get me some rice way back then to make a set.  They didn't get made, so I was going to go ahead and buy actual weights.  Well, Target was wiped out of every type of weight.   So, these were recently finished.  They are one long "belt" filled with 1 lb. of rice each with one end having two ties sewn in.  They get wrapped around the ankle and tied.  They work just fine, but it was definitely not my best idea!

4) Latest Make, Peasant Top.  The busy-ness of the fabric makes it hard to see the details.  I am beyond happy and would like to make another one with the same Valetta Top pattern.  The tie and tassels were made using Pearl embroidery thread #3, which I've never used before and think they turned out great.

5) Bible Verses.  For a few days now, I've been including Bible verses at the top of my posts.  This time in quarantine has caused many of us question what in the world is going on.  Or, what our priorities are, or Who is in control here.  Reading the Bible gives me great comfort all the time, much less right now.  For those of us who could use some encouragement or a reminder, I thought this would be a good idea.  Our future is not in the control of any man or any virus, but by God.  Behold, to the LORD your God belong heaven and the heaven of heavens, the earth with all that is in it. (Duet. 10:14)  

My idea was to go through an entire chapter over consecutive days.  Today is Psalms 26:8-10.  If you want to see the whole chapter check out Biblegateway.

Lastly.  Please help a girl out!  Remember the wide legged pants that are on my wardrobe additions list from my last post, 6 Tips for Evaluating Your Wardrobe?  There is a high likelihood that I'll make them.  What do you think?  Gathered (as on the left) or Straight (as on the right).  Please leave your vote in the comments! Thank you!

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All you ladies have a happy 💖 Mother's Day 💖!   I truly hope you are in a place where you no longer have to stay at home and can enjoy your moms and children! 

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