Monday, February 18, 2019

Creating an Outfit Around a Necklace

Eileen Fisher Cardigan (similar) | Chico's Eyelet top (similar) |  cabi Turmeric Skirt (similar) | Kathy Van Zeeland Pumps (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Lips Mac Brick O La
The Challenge
I'm not sure if anyone pays attention or not, but from time to time I mention that I've made my own
necklace or bracelet.  Almost all of the stones I get come from a gem show that is held every couple of months in Sarasota.  It just so happened that there was one this past weekend.  There are also vendors there who sell pre-made items and vintage/estate pieces.  This beaded necklace was one of those.  When I spotted it at the vendor's table it didn't have a price tag.  I had to ask and was delighted when the reply was $20.  She wanted to clear it out to make way for new inventory.  Um, score for me--that was an easy "Sold!"  And, surprise, surprise it is the basis for today's outfit.

The Details
If you've ever read my "About Me" page, it states that I'd like to give you ideas to customize your clothing and this post is a good example.  I don't mean to imply that I dyed and painted the pieces to coordinate with this particular necklace, however, it's all a part of maintaining a cohesive color scheme for wardrobe unity.  So, I pulled these items from my closet to create the look.  The "white" Chico's top was dyed with a small amount of yellow and tan dyes so it's not a true white (although, I admit it's hard to tell in the photo).  The cardigan used to be a pale green.  It was over-dyed brown, to get brown, but it's more of a loden green color (I may re-dye it).  The belt (Chico's found at consignment) was black, but I used the leather paint mentioned in my What to Wear to a Dinner Meet Up post and painted it tan.  The cabi skirt, Kathy Van Zeeland pumps and handmade copper earrings are from eBay with no modifications whatsoever -- Haha!  

The Takeaway
If you find an amazing piece of jewelry, go ahead and build an outfit, or several, around it.  Keep looking for ways to customize your clothing.  If you have any dying questions, feel free to ask!

Eileen Fisher Cardigan (similar) | Chico's Eyelet top (similar) |  cabi Turmeric Skirt (similar) | Kathy Van Zeeland Pumps (similar) | Necklace (similar) | Lips Mac Brick O La
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