The Pitfalls of Fashion Rules

Sundance Catalog Moonlit jacket (similar) | Caslon blush t-shirt (similar) | Style & Co. denim skirt (similar) | Patricia Nash belt | Sbicca booties (similar) | Necklace & bracelet made by me (similar)(similar)

The Challenge
I have a confession to make.  I like rules.  My husband has said repeatedly throughout our marriage, "Give Kim a rule and she'll follow it."  I don't know if it's because I like to know I've successfully
accomplished something, am able to "do better" than other people, it gives me a sense of security and order, or, if I want to go deep, since my mother was never satisfied, maybe if I think I'm "perfect" by following the rules I will be loved.

The Details
What made me think about rules in relation to fashion recently is a conversation I had with a sales woman.  For reference, she's roughly middle-aged.  She is very pleasant, always seems happy and dresses in what would be considered a professional manner.

She commented on my Sundance Catalog copycat necklace (ironically, it's shown with my featured outfit, I wish I would have checked that out before the photos were taken!) and that got us started on talking about fashion.  She said she liked Sundance Catalog clothing, but felt like her days for wearing that style of clothing had passed.  She chatted about how back-in-the-day she had her colors done and she was a "winter," but never really followed that too much.  I got the impression that she thought she knew what the right way to dress or not was, but maybe felt like she was somehow missing, or had missed, the mark.

Using the restraint of my advancing years, I didn't jump in to tell her that there weren't rules that she needed to follow.  Instead, I tried to encourage her to implement what she did like about the Boho/Sundance style, or any style, with something basic she already owned.  (I'm thinking flowing skirt with a simple t-top, an embroidered peasant top with dress slacks.) I conveyed that I was also a "winter," but she could see I was wearing a warm colored top, yet looked good in it.  (from What to Wear to a Summer Birthday Party).  

The pitfall of fashion rules are that you can feel you are not doing things right, or are overly restrained.  On the other side of the coin, devoid of rules, you could feel like you have too many choices and insecurity creeps (or floods) in.  Style is very personal.  If it were possible, it would be nice if there were some loose rules that the less confident or just getting started, or restarting woman could follow that she would feel were helpful and not like she was missing the mark.  That may be where finding styles that flatter your figure come in as a good place to begin.  I don't think colors need to be overly rigid either.  Let's face it, there are colors that we know look good on us and other colors that don't necessarily look good against our skin, but make us feel fabulous.  Personally, I choose both at different times.  

The Takeaway
I say "yes" to encouraging ourselves and others to follow our own internal voices whether or not we choose to follow fashion rules.  Rules aren't necessarily a bad thing.  What about you?  Do you have your own personal set of fashion rules?  How do you feel about rules?

In honor of my conversation, I'm re-featuring this Sundance Catalog jacket (I greatly disliked the original What to Wear with an Eyelet Topper post photos, anyway!) .  This is a copycat of the catalog outfit using my white skirt, blush t-shirt, Patricia Nash belt and Sbicca booties.  I'd prefer this look with my MAC Lipstick Shy Girl, but used Brick O'La to show up in photos.  AND, I gave the sweet sales lady my blog business card--so, if you are reading this, my friend, I hope it's "okay" that I shared my impression of this story and can't wait for our follow-up conversations (wink)!!!

Sundance Catalog Moonlit jacket (similar) | Caslon blush t-shirt (similar) | Style & Co. denim skirt (similar) | Patricia Nash belt | Sbicca booties (similar) | Necklace & bracelet made by me (similar)(similar)
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