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Welcome to this edition of 10 on the 10th hosted by Lesley at Once Upon a Time Happily Ever After.  Lesley is hosting these posts as a way to get to know each other better.  If you missed this month, but want to join in the future, see her blog for details on upcoming 10 on the 10th themes.  Want to find out a little bit more about me?  Keep reading!

1.  How did you celebrate spring break/Easter as a child?

Starting when I was seven years old and my sister was an infant, we would take an annual vacation down to Florida (from Michigan).  My father was a sun worshipper until his dying day, so that was his definition of a perfect location.  We usually went to the Gulf coast visiting Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers.  We would drive, of course, usually breaking it up over three days.  My dad would stop for the day at at about an early dinner time so we could play in the motel pool.  

I'm old enough to remember stopping at many, many Stuckey's along the way and looked for signs like the one above while traveling south (and then back north) on I-75.  We learned early on not to pack crayons in the car, as they would melt--and not in an artsy way!  We went to a lot of family touristy attractions, but the beach and pools were the main focus.  While, of course, I enjoyed these vacations, it frustrated me to no end that I would always do worse in the 3rd quarter at school despite bringing homework along with me.  It wasn't until retelling this story within the last year or so to a close friend, that she suggested my parents weren't very thoughtful about my schooling.  Ya know, she was right!  

2.  Do you spring clean?

Sometimes I do what would be considered spring cleaning.  My personality type, though, is when I decide something needs to be cleaned, I do it.  Usually-ha!

* * * Where applicable, I will be answering from when I lived in FL, as we've been in TX such a short time. * * *

3.  What's spring weather like where you live?

Spring weather has been warm or very warm.  Absolutely no hiding eggs with chocolate candy in them outdoors!  We'll see what my new location has in store.

4.  How green is your thumb?  Um, plants cringe in fear if they come to my home!

5.  A/C or windows open?  A/C

6.  How do you decorate for spring/Easter/Passover?

I'm really not a seasonal decorator.  For Easter, however, I pull out a few of my favorite Longaberger Easter baskets.  (In the 90s, each of my children had their own.  Now, my daughter with the grands has two or three of them, the remainder were sold.)   I found a grain-cloth style runner with gold stripes and make a vignette on my kitchen table using baskets, bunnies, faux carrots.  I also have enough things to make a separate vignette on a buffet.

Then there are those ventures, like those above for the Grands, that get added to the mix.  They are paper mach√© eggs filled with candy, which I gave to the kids with wooden spoons and let them whack away on the tiled floor to get at their treats.  

7.  How do you get bathing suit/shorts/warm weather ready?  I bought a swimsuit for the first time in years last year.  Other than that, usually make sure I have self tanner and pedicures are in rotation almost year 'round.

8.  Is your closet arranged with just this season's clothes?  Since there is virtually no winter, the heavier jackets and sweaters get a little sliver of the closet.

9.  What's your go-to spring uniform?  A sleeveless top, cropped jeans and lightweight cotton cardigan for nice casual and a t-shirt or t-top with denim Bermuda shorts for knocking around.

10.  What outdoor activities do you enjoy in the spring?  I'm basically an indoor person, but enjoy walking the dog or watching the Grands while they're in the pool.  That also usually includes making up a batch of Grandma's homemade mac & cheese and adding a cold drink taken out to a table and chairs so they can eat outside.  Sometimes they get granola bars, yogurt or fruit for snacks and homemade cookies for dessert.  

* * * * *

Thanks for joining me for 10 on the 10th!  I had fun finding the photo of the Stuckey's sign, it really brought back some memories of us clamoring in the backseat for my dad to stop the car.  Do you have a favorite spring/Easter memory?  How about wearing a hat and gloves to church on Easter Sunday with a little white wicker purse?

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