Friday Favorites #44

Peter Nygard jacket~Poshmark (similar) | Ralph Lauren PJ top~eBay (similar) | Paige jeans (similar) | Scarf~consignment (similar) | Sam Edelman booties (similar) | Vince Camuto watch~Poshmark (similar)

Hey!  I'm so glad you're here!  I have a few purchases and some refashions to share with you.  I'm really pretty excited about everything.  

First off, I'm dog sitting today.  My girls adopted two 13-yr. old toy poodles.  (They came as a "set.")  There is a male and female.  The male dog is half the weight of the female and has some health problems.  Needless to say, the girls are finding out how challenging owning pets can be.  The oldest daughter is currently in Amsterdam, and the younger is going to be at work all day.  I hope our dogs get along!  


1) Above, Look of the Week.  It took a cold turn this week.  Boy, I wasn't expecting that.  Anyway, for "medium cold" I was thinking a leather jacket would work really well.  Keep reading to see how this one came about.

2) Leather Jacket:  I really didn't want to shop for a leather jacket.  I didn't want to take a chance in ordering one, either.  Enter Poshmark.

At least ten years ago, a woman I was in choir with came in with a jacket I loved.  I went and bought one.  It was by Peter Nygard and had a knit back and partially knit sleeves.  (I got rid of mine after I lost weight.)  Fast way forward--I decided to search Poshmark for a Peter Nygard large leather jacket and found this identical (or really close to it) one.  Price?  $25.  This is a win all the way around, I can wear it until when-and-if I find another one.   S..w..e..e..t!

After / Before

3) Heart Top:  Do you remember my Style Imitating Art post when I indicated I liked ya'll's heart motif shirts and wanted one of my own as the artwork was teaming with hearts?  This top was found on eBay for less than $4.  I was going to tea dye it.  Instead, I've been in a "pink" mood and decided to dye it!  This is Rapture Red from the Rit Dye formulas page.  I used less dye than indicated because I wanted a lighter shade.  While these classic button front shirts have fallen out of favor, they work really well for me for layering:  Add a topper and a scarf at the neckline (like my top photo, although that one is a PJ top--lol!) and it's a simple running out while looking neat and put together "uniform."

4) Free People Top:  Continuing with the pink mood.  Let's call it "pink family," as this top has some purple to it.  You may remember I've been wanting more long-sleeved tops for this chilly weather.  A search on eBay turned up this Free People top for $15.  Now, you and I both know, a top like this would start at $88 new.  See my sidebar or below widget!  I'm looking forward to styling it soon!

5) If you think I'm crazy about how this turned out, you'd be right.  Or, maybe you think I'm just crazy!?  The top has been featured in a couple of posts:  Styling Black White & Orange and Embroidered Waffle Top.  Since black is not a part of my wardrobe, it got bleached!  I have done this before, but it's been awhile.  A 3:1 ratio water to bleach was used, so 3 gallons of water and 1 gallon of bleach.  It got stirred around for a few minutes, possibly as much as ten.  Since I wanted to keep it as dark as possible, it got pulled out of the bleach solution as soon as a brown color was apparent.  (I did it in a plastic bin inside our big bathtub.)  I am so excited to show you the final result all styled up!!!

Thanks so much for joining me!  I hope you enjoyed my re-fashions and been inspired to try some dyeing or bleaching or 2nd-hand shopping yourself.  I've added a countdown timer below for my upcoming surgery because I'm looking forward to, and praying about, having this knee problem at least somewhat corrected already.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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